Nimir Movie Review

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Genre:Dramatic play

Synopsis: The film “Nimir” is backup of a Malayalam flick “Maheshinte Prathikaaram” merely the director Priyadarshan screw up according to the Tamil audiences and for the native, the drama captured in the place of Tirunelveli district and the eccentrics was casual in their performances, Udhayanidhi Stalin came out from his erstwhile formula and he played an unacquainted character.

A professional photographer’s son Selvam, who is an artless photographer and he runs the photo studio, but he experiences encompassed about on all his photos not seen much liveness and from his childhood, he had a crush on Valli, that was broken up in the adulthood age, even an unknown guy who insult him in the public place, from all these mashed up the story runs about 230 minutes

Story: The tale focuses on an innocuous guy’s life gets in wrenched. Selvam, holds a National photo shop in the centre of a town and he always concentrates to capture only the passport size photos, but his father Shanmugham (J. Mahendran), photos speaks out the way he captures the pictures. In this situation, Selvam keeps affair on childhood classmate as the years move, their childhood affair started to develop and they both thought of getting married.

Unluckily, the lady who was brainwashed by her parents and they insist about the life. The girl’s parenthood speaks on practical life and the values of the money, the girl Valli (Parvatii Nair), esteemed on parentage words and plan to break up with Selvam.

Valli is married to a rich man and starts living the regal life with her husband. In this situation, in the same town, obscure guy hits Selvam in the public area and the man faces ignominious situation that is not capable of giving to him at least one punch and takes a swear word, that he would punch him back soon till that he never wear sandals, but people teases him this would never happen in his lifetime.

The guy goes to the Karate class to hit the stranger and getting address and expect for his arrival, the unknown guy moves to Dubai to strengthen his financial status, meal while, Malar (Namitha Pramod), and Selvam gets love affair with each other. Will Selvam wears the slipper? And after knowing, Selvam gets married to a stranger’s sister Malar is the utmost touch of an end.

Selvam’s father, J. Mahendran values on photography initially it was given, but not much value on photography throughout the movie even J. Mahendran eccentric was not strong. Udhayanidhi Stalin’s frivolities are tightening up in the screenplay, this shows Udhayanidhi’s selection of scripts better he can follow in future movies. The heroines Namitha Pramod and Parvatii Nair, both stuck in their roles and done neatly on their tracks. Samuthirakani is knocking on with his actions.

Verdict: New attempt to Udhayanidhi Stalin


Udhayanidhi Stalin * Selvam

Namitha Pramod * Malar

Parvatii Nair * Valli

J. Mahendran as Shanmugham

Samuthirakani * Vellaiyappan

M. S. Bhaskar


Imman Annachi


Directed by * Priyadarshan

Produced by * Santhosh T. Kuruvilla

Cinematography * N. K. Ekambaram

Edited by * M. S. Ayyappan Nair

Production Company * Moonshot Entertainment

Distributed by * Red Giant Movies

PRO * Suresh Chandra and Rekha D’One

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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