Nisabdham Movie Review

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nisapatham1Genre: An Emotional * flick of strong feeling made the viewers to ruptures.

Synopsis: The director Micheal Arun had scrutiny the film in the nowadays situation among the society and stuck out in a magnificent way. The child artist Sathanya played as a leading role which gives credit for the movie. The emotional sequences in the film gives a superfluous support.

Story: The film kicks off with soon the pair of Adhi and Adhira getting love affair with each other and the proposal goes for marriage. The couple always engaged with their work, Adhi busy in the garage and in the free time keeps him entertained by watching cricket, a gracious wife Adhira too busy with grocery shop and no time to taking care of their eight years old Bhoomi, in this condition Adhira was getting pregnant and the baby Bhoomi is managing herself a day to day life activities by her own. One fine morning Bhoomi passes to her school alone a drunken stranger seeks help to leave him near to her school building, unfortunately the girl faces an injury situation with the unknown drunken guy and how Bhoomi and her family recovered from the crucial circumstances is the film.

The director approached the movie with the young buddings are affected and the judgment is favoured to the culprits, and no other options parents had to mould their affected children from the consequence.

The film emotions turn is Bhoomi gets affected with a stranger and she calls to the cop instead of calling her parents and explain both Dad and Mom might busy with their works and says to a therapist that why she born in the world made weeping.

The child Sathanya performances portrayed in a ripened ways, Ajay and Abhinaya had given their excellent carrying outs as the parents. The leading are Sathanya, Ajay and Abhinaya rest of the artists are coming according to the situations.


Nisabdham * Sound




Baby Sathanya

Director: Micheal Arun

Producer: Angelin Davenci

Production House: Miracle Pictures,

Music: Shawn Jazeel

Lyrics: Na Muthukumar

Cinematography: S J Star

Editing: Lawrence Kishore

Screenplay: Micheal Arun

Dialogue: Micheal Arun

Story * Writer: Micheal Arun

Choreography: Sankar

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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