Notion Press Conducts Fiction Writing Workshop for First-Time Authors

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Particpants at the Notion Press WorkshopThe workshop was aimed at honing the skills of aspiring authors and equipping them with the tools and techniques needed to create a bestseller

Notion Press, a leading self- publishing company in India organized a Fiction Writing Workshop in the city to help fine-tune the writing skills of first-time authors. This intensive 12-hour programme was attended by aspiring authors from all walks of life.

Led by pioneer and critically-acclaimed author of the ‘Hastinapur’ series — Sharath Komarraju, the workshop explored the various nuances of fiction writing in an interactive and stimulating session which had participants completely invested.

So what exactly did Sharath walk participants through?

  • The foundations of creative writing
  • How to emphasise on character, plot and setting
  • Character development
  • Setting the theme and setting
  • How to build suspense
  • How to build an intriguing climax

Sharath Komarraju , Author and Facilitator said, “Many of us have an idea for a novel but aren’t sure where to begin. There are also many who would have started a novel and don’t know how to proceed.  Or perhaps have completed a first draft, but their work lacks that professional lustre.This workshop was aimed at how they could use the techniques of top-selling authors to create and finish their own novel. Step by step, they learned and practiced. We covered everything from ‘attribution’ through ‘ZOOMING IN’ on a character. We also had exercises, examples, and hand-outs to help participants improve these skills.

The workshop incorporated numerous sessions where participants were asked to construct small anecdotes based on writing prompts and displayed images and the result was an astounding day; rich in diversity that awakened the imagination.

Naveen Valsakumar, Co- Founder and CEO of Notion Press said, “Notion Press workshops are very well-articulated and ideal for any writer, whether they are young or old, experienced or just getting started. Because our speakers are professional writers, our workshops are bound to bring great value, whether through a full-day seminar or a focused program. The key benefits from the workshop, apart from skill enhancement, are the ability to write well and consequently, become a published author.

The day proved to be invaluable for the attendees as Vidushi, one of the participants said, “I am planning to write my own novel someday and I want to start my endeavor by sending my fictional write-ups to online platforms and if they get published, it will motivate me to turn them into a series.

Shaik Zakeer, another workshop attendee, expressed his joy and thanked Notion Press for reconnecting him to creative writing. “I had lost touch with this passion of mine due to other involvements in life but this workshop has reignited it. Now I know how the writers put in so much effort and the technique to make readers feel connected.

While Notion Press was simply eager to be along for the ride – “It gives us immense pleasure to be part of the wonderful journey these authors are on, from the very beginning of their writing endeavor…” added Naveen Valsakumar; the aim of the workshop was to improve the craft of these writers and to encourage published and unpublished writers by opening their eyes to different perspectives within the art of writing.

About Facilitator

Sharath Komarraju is an author of fiction and nonfiction based in Bangalore, India. His work, Hastinapur series, in which he speaks into the silences of the Mahabharata story through the voices of the epic’s many women characters, has received many appreciations. His first novel, Murder in Amaravati, was longlisted for the Commonwealth Book Prize, 2013. Once a software engineer, now he tells stories full-time. While many authors struggle to write in their own genres, Sharath dabbles with mystery, history, horror, fantasy, etc. with ease. He also runs unique personalized mentorship programs to help writers in making their content publishing-worthy. His passion for writing saw him establish Write Club Bangalore, a writing club which boasts of more than two thousand literary enthusiasts and completed five years earlier this August.

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