Nunnunarvu Movie Review

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nunnunarvuGenre: Thriller * content which makes agitating to the audience in the every frame.

Synopsis: Mathivanan Sakthivel’s magnificent Screenplay messes up in a different aspect and the film traveling in the place of Australia. The film entertains the viewers’ with unveiling artists, the tale engaged with the couple who has been exchanging their feelings through the mind waves. The pair is the professional people and they were the trainees and was moving to the Australia. In the sensational way their thoughts and the feelings interweave together. A splendid way of depicting the romance as a thought transference. The film is produced by Sakthi Screens, written and directed by Mathivanan Sakthivel. The film has emotional admiration song tracks and music director of the film is Mayu Ganeshan and the BGM effects was balanced by Raj.

Verdict: a freshly harmonious film.


Mathivanan Sakthivel


Directed * Mathivanan Sakthivel

Written * Mathivanan Sakthivel

Screenplay * Mathivanan Sakthivel

Music * Mayu Ganeshan * Raj

Edited * Suresh Urs

By Deepa Vijendra Rao


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