O Kadhal Kanmani Movie review

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O Kadhal Kanmani movie review
O Kadhal Kanmani movie review

Genus:   expressed love in an unforeseen


With an expectation of audience Director Mani Ratnam love movie “O Kadhal kanmani”, the movie has given slender fashionable. Aadi (Dulquer Salmaan) expresses his voguish behaviors compose the adolescent girls to magnetize, from the opening till the ultimate sequence.

Tara not interested in marriage life, because of her mother’s divorce made fussy to lead her life in Paris for her higher studies. She is a treasure to her mother, who stays in Coimbatore. Aadi is an imminent developer in video games; he wishes to fly US for putting up his career in magnificent.

Both are starting to living-in-relationship in Mumbai Ganapathy’s house. In a certain time reached out for them to get separate each other, in the old age of Prakash Raj takes care of his Alzheimer’s affected wife ((Bhavani).  Watch out the movie on silver screen both get married or separated?

“O Kadhal kanmani” makes the viewers to stimulate in Aadi’s long driving with Tara, an extraordinary in romance sequence where Tara and Aadi struck in Ahmadabad lodge.

Music by AR Rahman is already an immense batter, and background music is commendable. Director Mani Ratnam majority movies well thought-out in Mumbai in that list “O Kadhal kanmani”. Live in together accepted in western countries, but for Indian indigestible, in India slowly started in Major cities like Mumbai, so the entire sequence captured in Mumbai. Highly literate and sophisticated people start to live in together; it’s modish, if illiterate people do???…

Verdict: Living together is not adequate to our culture…


DulquerSalmaan * Aadi

NithyMenen * Tara

PrakashRaj * Ganapathy

LeelaSamson * Bhavani


Director * Mani Ratnam

Director of Photography * PC Sreeram

Music Director * AR Rahman

Lyricist * Vairamuthu


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