The great legend Dr. M Karunanidhi devout condole (1924 – 18)

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Dr. Karunanidhi was a great public speaker and an apotheosis notable politician. Progression of Kalaignar was commenced as a film writer in the Tamil cinema. The film Parasakthi was given a fabulous twist in the film industry for him.

The DMK party had been started an official newspaper of Murasoli. Kalaignar was a renowned for writing historical and societal reform-minded.

Kalaignar who is a Noetic the ideals of the Dravidian movement. Among his lifetime achievement were infinite, he had been built Valluvar Kottam near Chennai and Karunanidhi historical accomplishment was a 133-foot-high statue of Thiruvalluvar in honour of the Assimilator.

“Ulaga Tamizh Manadu” was the first minted word from the conference in 2010. Now the Indian politician’s soul demise on Tuesday 07.08.18.


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