Odu Raja Odu Movie Review

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Genre: Molesting gaiety * endures with the excess of eccentrics, not able to freeze with the characterization.

Synopsis: “Odu Raja Oru” the lineaments were being run throughout the film, each character has a destination to fulfil their urge and targets for the prerequisites. As the content filled up with many characters, there was some lacking in the cleft. The hero Manohar whose need is absolutely interconnected with other situations.

The director Nishanth Ravindran & Jathin Sanker Raj attempted to compromise the audience with serving as a base point that mere contravene between a husband and wife leads a misapprehending.

Story: A set top box which hit up towards a couple. A script writer Manohar had an ambition to succeed in his carrier, the man’s wife Lakshmi Priya Chandramouli was really supportive by taking care of the family. When she was asked to buy the set top box Manohar had stuck up with the troubles.

Manohar’s friend Peter (Venkatesh Harinath), who is a drug dealer and he misguided Manohar. Now Peter and Manohar hang up with Veerabhadran Deepak gang and the group sending them for a deal, by this scenario they struck in a worse condition.

In the very next sequels, Nakul and his father were slave towards Kalimuthu family. As Nakul decided to revenge Kalimuthu and plan to kidnap for demand the money with Kalimuthu’s wife. The ruffian Kalimuthu (Nasser), who is an ex-gangster and his brother fights each other. In these situations, made Lakshmi Priya confused that his husband Manohar was not taking any responsibilities towards the family.

There was another slum children’s character were stuffed and in the climax Simran bump on the screen. Finally, the director made an atrocities situation for watching the film by a jerk of the climax.

As the content engaged with many artists, Guru Somasundaram couldn’t overlap in all sequels when comparing with Joker film. On the other side, the director made the audience to run behind the characters.

Verdict: Black humour

3 / 5


Guru Somasundaram * Manohar

Anand Swamy

Lakshmi Priya * Meera


Charu Hassan

Directed by * Nishant Ravindran * Jathin Sanker Raj

Music by * Tosh Nanda

PRO * PT Selvakumar

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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