Om Shanti Om Movie Review

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Om-Shanthi-Om-movie-1Genre: Throbbing * does irrespective, but somehow the eagerness extent in the film.

Comedy * attained exhausted, mollycoddles acting of the hero and the villain pull in riles.

Outline: The director Surya Prabaakar steering in the wearisome subjugation. The hero has the tendency of helping others, and leads a happy life, in a stint point, getting an attraction with the heroine (Neelam Upadhyaya). The beloved affection between them were fetching oppose in an ineluctable situation, they both have been separated.

Story: The handsome hero Srikanth had been given the successful films, in the lists Srikanth has overleaped the script to choose. The movie roles with the fun in the ingress portions. The sudden appearance of five people, chases the hero (Vasu) and disturb his routine life. But in a critical circumstance Vasu started to help one by one and makes their wish to fulfill. Here is the gimmick to the viewers’, the five people are Athams seeks facilitate to Srikanth for attaining their wants. Check out the movie, the crusade of the dead and why they choose Vasu at their target.

Om shanti om title makes the audience to energizing, regrettably in the theatre once the film visualizes the tempo reduces. The soul of five people has giddy reasons. The songs are tricky less to the viewers’.

Verdict: More or less Mass part 2, the actor Surya fulfills Athams wishes, same Srikanth was doing the same in a different script. Now a days, in the upcoming movies, souls are incapable of revenging, asking the help to human beings. No scary making face, of spirits. Overall recalls the 2015 movie.


Srikanth * Vasu

Neelam Upadhyaya * Shanthi

Baiju Aadukalam Naren



Directed by * Surya Prabaakar

Produced by * P. Arumai Chandran

Written by * D. Surya Prabhakar

Sankar Kumar (dialogue)

Cinematography * Bhaskaran K.M

Edited by * Vivek Harshan

Production company * 8 Point Entertainment


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