Oru Naal Koothu Movie Review

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Oru-Naal-KoothuGenre: Unrestricted feelings * of triad adult female’s life and their emotes have been breaking into sensitive to the dames audiences.

Synopsis: A set of films, last week “Iraivi” burst out of parameter and this week once more “Oru Naal Koothu”, the title utters about the one day event of the young ladies and their struggles before marriage. A soft nature woman, Lakshmi (Mia George) after her studies, her father starting to hunt for a groom, a working woman radio jockey Susheela (Ritwika) her brother hunt for the groom and an IT company professional woman Kavya (Nivetha Pethuraj) liaison with a middle class guy Raj. The director portrayed “Oru Naal Koothu” tale travels among the three lady wretched dwells.

Story: The unveiling director Nelson Venkatesan had scornful by depicting the womanhoods in the culmination, opening to a scene Raj Kumar was traveling to Trichy with his friends, where the ex-lover Kaavya is getting married to an abroad settled guy, continued with Lakshmi directing towards Chennai in a bus and Susheela was updating profile in the Matrimonial site for several years, Kaavya had an issue of getting married with unsettled guy (Raj Kumar), Lakshmi’s father Nagineedu who rejects the guys for the silly reasons, once Lakshmi reached 28 years Nagineedu plan to fix widower, Susheela’s problem is her look and job profile, the two hours film was about the three women scrambling and their final decision.

Susheela was engaged with a guy who had been working in a Renault car showroom, many years later, unluckily he started to rejecting without the reasons. Susheela’s brother was approached to groom to know the reasons behind for rejecting his sister. After a long struggle groom accepting to marry with Susheela. Susheela amorous feeling urges with her colleague, and Susheela rejects the guy who was fixed for her. The film limned most of working women are exhorted to amatory. Goes to Kaavya, had been outstripped in her role, there are no more sequences related to feminism.

Verdict: Not a conformity script.


Dinesh * Raj

Mia George * Lakshmi

Nivetha Pethuraj * Kavya


Riythvika * Susheela

Bala Saravanan

Ramesh Thilak * Sathish



Directed * Nelson.S V M

Produced * J. Selvakumar

Written * Sankar dass & Nelson Venkatesawara

Music * Justin Prabhakaran

Cinematography * Gokulnath

Edited * V J Sabu Joseph

Production company * Kenanya Films

By Deepa Vijendra Rao


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