Oru Kadhai Sollatuma Movie Review

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The film is esteem towards soundtrack, sound is being apart from visual perception. 

Synopsis: The film is directed by Prasad Prabhakar and it is about sound designer Resul Pookutty exposed glory of Thrissur Pooram. The director Prasad Prabhakar made some imaginary aspects to get the influence of multilingual. The team resolved an abstract wants to reach out Kollywood audience, Bollywood viewers and baseline come out from Mollywood traditional values.

The sound designer Resul Pookutty made his first appearance as an actor on screen, “Oru Kadhai Sollatuma” team imposing in size with the bulk of the solidity sounds effect, which compressed with all technical phenomenal stuffed into a greater extent. The film was produced by Rajeev Panakkal and speaks out the orthodox doctrines.

Story: The beauty of the Thrissur Pooram festival and the sound trainer struggling lifestyle and the man Resul Pookutty made  effects towards to enforce the assesses of sound recording on a narrative script in a motion picture film. 

In the opening, in the place of Thrissur, where the man Resul Pookutty organized a team to capture the sound of the ceremony (Pooram),  complete with caparisoned elephants and drumming Madhalam and horns Combustion, which he wanted to explore in a tremendous way to give an impact on the music.

The film “Oru Kadhai Sollatuma” intention to expose the reality and blend sound source, as it had been stuffed with commercial grades, which was extended till 101 minutes, the money makers planning to invest on the festival and the sound designer takes the project.

Unfortunately, Resul team and technology had been getting collapsed at the finest moment this made worried for him. By the instrument legendary gives hope for his project and made a success for Resul initiate. 

Verdict: Oru Kadhai Sollatuma – influenced 

Rating: 3 / 5


Resul Pookutty


Directed by * Prasad Prabhakar

Produced by * Rajeev Panakkal

Screenplay by * Prasad Prabhakar

Music by * Rahul Raj


Production Company * Palmstone Media

PRO * Chandra & Rekha D’One

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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