Oru Kidayin Karunai Manu Movie Review

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Genre: Waggery * conflate up in all sequences, the viewers made to experience the typical rural lifestyle and their vernacular.

Synopsis: The film written and directed by Suresh Sangaiah, though the script rolls in a place for a long duration, the director keeps the audience on engaging by the eccentrics, a goat is the base for the film a grandmother of Ramamurthy wants to sacrifice the goat for a village god. A married couple who were Vidharth, Raveena Ravi played the leading role and a bunch of artists are supported in the story.

Story: The place of Naduvampatti village citizenry who hides a murder and how they balancing the other people whom enquiries about the murder is the story. A group of people travels in a lorry to sacrifice a goat for the married couple Ramamurthy (Viddharth) and Seetha (Raveena), while travelling to impress and by request of Seetha Ramamurthy starting to drive the lorry, unfortunately the married guy who collapses into an accident and a man who drives a two wheeler was getting into spot out. Now the village people plan to hide the dead body, whole night the group’s wagers with the dead body and sketches for a plan, how to convalesce from this murderous, Ramamurthy’s uncle reaches the spot and he observers the killed guy was dead due to consume of the poison, but he elongates the issue for four years and coming to an end.

The film “Oru Kidayin Karunai Manu” projects message with comedies mixed up without preachy words and it was in a realistic way, all the artists have shown their involvement towards the film, Viddharth given his efforts by the acting, the silent goat express the feeling in a guiltless way to protect from the people.

Verdict: An interesting, village story.



Raveena Ravi


Directed * Suresh Sangaiah

Music * R. Raghuram

Cinematography *R. V. Saran

Edited * Praveen K. L.

Production company * Eros International

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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