Oru Naal Iravil Movie Review

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oru-naal-iravilShuddered * experience in the every sequence of the thrilling tale, which extends the feel, the climax of the ceasing portion.

Persuasion * had fused with the every character involved in the innate expos of the script.

Outline: The makeover of Joy Mathew’s follows Malayalam movie Shutter, in the Tamil version (ONI) movie was desegregated according to Tamil audience, the movie “Oru Naal Iravil” (ONI) have been produced by A. L. Azhagappan and Sam Paul, which is knock up to the family man,  The film is based on a leading artist Sathyaraj acted as a father role, in an arduous situation, he was struck up in a shed with the strange lady, the character was unconditional and spending his hours in the locked up place. The unknown lady is a prostitute woman, the whole night the Sekar character wavers his feelings, what would be happening to him and his family.

Story: The film ONI was edited and directed by Anthony, is a thriller play script in the form of Oru Naal Iravil (A Day Night) a draw out, a day and one night in a caducous. In the initial, the film move in the normal bases, as a strict father, who controls his grown up girl and suspect her activities, without the knowledge of his wife and daughter, Sekar fixes the proposal and made to discontinue of her education. In the daughter character was played by Dixitha Kothari, as the upcoming generation nature applies in her character, but innocence friendship with the boys and an eccentric, this was misunderstood by the older genesis of her father.

In a circumstance, a next source of the film is the successful Sethu Barathi is a filmmaker, but his unfortunate turns tail at back to him. He was left out, his valuable future (script) in an auto, the driver Suri depends on Sekar for fly over to Singapore. Vigil out the thrilled sequences of Sekar’s situation with the Prostitute and unexpected climax made applauding by the audiences.

The women’s education has been stressed in the film is furthering the concept of an intact tale of the movie. The fresh entry of Anumol (Thangam) shows her maturity and no vulgarity is being performed as a call girl. Yugi Sethu’s had a unique carrying into action. The young artist Varun has done a fledged portion, the leading role flew high by
Sathyaraj is liable for the lineament.

Verdict: Ripen play script, with fine melodic line by the director.


Sathyaraj * Sekar

Varun * Suri

Anumol * Thangam

Yugi Sethu * Sethu Barathi

Kalyani Natarajan * Sekar’s wife

Dixitha Kothari * Varsha

R. Sundarrajan


Directed by Anthony

Produced * A. L. Azhagappan, Sam Paul

Written * Yugi Sethu (Dialogues)

Screenplay * Anthony

PRO * Nikkil

Story * Joy Mathew

Cinematography * M. S. Prabhu

Edited * Anthony

Production company * Paulsons Media

Distributed * Think Big Studios


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