Pa Paandi Movie Review

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Genre: Emotive * characteristics expressed

Synopsis: A multi endowment guy Dhanush, who has been stepping in the new dimension as a director, The film lineaments are Rajkiran, Prasanna as a son to Rajkiran and Chaya Singh plays a daughter in law role. The film exaggerated about an old man’s life was seeking for the happiness, wanted to get freedom from his son, and remembering his old crush, with all the mixture of emotions the debut Dhanush given a family oriented flick to the viewers.

Story: In the title Pa Paandi Rajkiran flexible of dancing and romance gives a new sensing to the audiences. Power Paandi (Rajkiran) worked as a stunt master in the Kollywood industry and getting retired due to the age he was forced dependant life with his son Raghavan (Prasanna), daughter-in-law Prema (Chaya Singh) and with their two children. Raghavan expectation was his father demanded to stay at home and needed to relax with the grandchildren. But the old man Paandi has a psychological aspects with him and more concerned with practical realities than with inner thoughts and feelings, who is sensitive and more aggregate which happens around him, he thinks to earn and wants to live independently. At a point, when Paandi woofs a fight with the local drug hawkers, was created superfluity to Raghavan. In this situation, Paandi was writing a letter and moving out from his house, and he started in searching for his first love (Revathi) who was living in the Hyderabad, he likes to go a long road trip with her. In all these conditions, the old man getting happy life was the ending of the film.

In the age of 60’s a human being gets the feelings and it was sacrificed by the family circumstances, the director has explored the love arouse on even at the old age, the film goes very touching and the scrumptious bend in the last scene is a great treasure for the film.

Verdict: Good feel


Rajkiran * Paandian Pazhanisami (Power Paandi)

Prasanna * Raghavan

Revathi * Poonthendral

Chaya Singh * Prema

Rinson Simon

Delhi Ganesh

Robo Shankar

Vidyullekha Raman

Baby Chavi as Shaksha

Master Raghavan as Dhruv

Balaji Mohan


Directed * Dhanush

Produced * Dhanush

Written * Dhanush
Subramaniam Siva

Music * Sean Roldan

Cinematography * Velraj

Edited * Prasanna GK

Production company * Wunderbar Films

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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