Pachai Vilakku Movie Review

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Preach of rules and regulations – awareness

Dr. Maran had concentrated in multi field, not only in the acting area, he had stepped into direction part, dialogue writing and his endowment booming in other areas too. In the first half, the director Maran has focused the film on social aspects to convey the beneficiaries of traffic rules and regulations and in the second half awareness for the women.

The hero Dr. Maran joins hands with Imman Annachi and gives guidelines for the audience about to follow the traffic rule. In this scenario, a girl Deesha getting attracted on Ashwin (Dr. Maran), by his sincerity approaches towards public and they were both started to look up each other. In this social reinforcement sequence. In the second half commercial aspects has been stuffed, which is concluded smart phones harm the women’s life.

A young college girl Deesha’s sister getting an untrue friendship with a guy and the fellow misuse her with a smart phone and blackmail her to get married. The innocent girl refuses his love, even she attempts suicide and their family member moves out from the hometown.

But, the gang follows them and started to give torture. In this scenario, Ashwin enters to solve the situations and shows the real faces of fraudulent gang activities towards the women. The film “Pachai Vilakku” team puts up full efforts to get success for the film.

Verdict: Green signal

Rating: 2.5 / 5


Dr. Maran


Imman Annachi


Nellai Siva


Directed by * Maran

Music * Ravi Devendran

Editor * Suresh Urs

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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