Padaiveeran Movie Review

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Genre: Societal crusade * keeps evolving round in a rural place was envisioned on screen.

Synopsis: A lethargic and unworried young man, who observe the cops are earning and their respects among the society and the fellow keeps the intention of becoming as a policeman and after fixing himself as a cop and a move towards his village for the cast conflict and he adjudicated to control the carouse. The guy realised all the situation occur in his village and contrive to wipe out. The leading role done by Vijay Yesudas and Amritha, along with them Bharathiraja supporting the script and Karthik Raja gives soul to the songs by his music.

Story: The script of Padaiveeran is all about captured in the place of Theni and the guy Munishwaran (Vijay Yesudas), is a meander in his village and even behaved like a rowdy that he very much interested with food and intoxicant. In a situation, Munishwaran goes along with an old lady into the police station for theft of jewellery and there he understands, people have richly respect for the cops. The young man Muneeswaran plan to earn money in the easiest way and doing all malpractices to get an amount for the police training. After joining he realizes about the tough, the trainers were torturing him and he runs towards his place and all the struggling Muneeswaran becomes as a cop.

In the village, a lady was murdered by their relatives, reason behind is cast collides and for this reason Muneeswaran notices and decided to drop his relatives and neighbourhood villagers in the jail. The two leaders of the communities self-assurance to the police inspector that they will not conflict henceforth.

The leaders decided to stop down their dispute and wanted to celebrate the village festival leads in a smooth way. All of a sudden, villagers silent had a motto was felt by Muneeswaran. “Padaiveeran” concluded to give a message on caste system. What made Muneeswaran to sacrifice his life at the end.

Vijay Yesudas had attempted in a rural guy and given his best, Bharathiraja comes as an ex-service man and dialogues hits out.

Verdict: Rural drama


Vijay Yesudas * Muneeswaran

Bharathiraja * an ex-service man


Amritha * Malar

Manoj Kumar


Kavitha Bharathi




Directed by * Dhana

Produced by * Madhivanan

Written by * Dhana

Music by * Karthik Raja

Cinematography * Rajavel Mohan

Edited by * Bhuvan Srinivasan

Production Company * Evoke

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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