Paisa Movie Review

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Paisa-Tamil-movie-poster-5Societal message * had been uttered with emotional and kick off affluent feels with the love tale.

Story: The hero Murugan is a tatter picking guy, he was getting attracted to whom a girl Veni works in the supermarket for gradual salary. The usual place where Murugan stays at the hovel and gets agitated and clamber with the god, by finding a way to become a money maker, in these situations, Murugan struck out with the huge money mountain, unluckily he couldn’t live with the money, Murugan’s lover Veni not even magnet by showing the money. When Murugan was working with the garbage and cleaning the waste, he leads a happy life with the friends. Money made Murugan lonely and he looses his happiness, he started to evince again to the god, in a different that he wants to get back to the delightful life with the friends and heart touched girl friend.

In this stage, raucous gang starting to track of the money, at the ending Murugan hand over the money to the regime person and gets the reward for his great job. The clear hearted hombre Murugan brought in finally money near makes the life comfortable. The directors keeps a message at the end of the stories, Abdul Majith had given on the money shouldn’t steers our life.

Verdict: Cognizance


Sreeram * Murugan

Aara * Veni


Abdul Majith * Director

By Deepa Vijendra Rao


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