Pakka Movie Review

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Genre: Comedy * reasonless comics and the humorous drama with a sarcastic, which made expressing of derision that miffed.

Synopsis: The fabled family dictates Vikram Prabhu’s debut movie was “Kumki” gives a name and devoted to continued success, Vikram Prabhu had sustained his family fame by choosing the appropriate scripts. After then, the film “Wagah” Vikram is still struggling to choose the soundly screenplay.

As an audience, sure we started expecting more in the movie “Pakka”!, a couple of heroines and countless comedians, thoughts the flick would be energized. Unfortunately, the audience judgment gets awry.

The narration of the film somewhere called up the movie “Rhythm”. Two heroines and one hero about their love travelling was exchanged each other, but “Pakka” slightly modified had done it seems.

The story starts in the rural place, more of blemishes with jerky comedies. The tale contains all sorts of old formula, that the current generation would accept the concept, is the question mark.

Story: In the opening, Bindu Madhavi (Nadhiya), who is trying to attempt suicide and keeping her head on a railway track, but a guy Dhoni Kumar (Vikram Prabu), safeguard the girl Nadhiya, once she visualizes the man Dhoni Kumar and she was getting curious to wondering him that why you been left alone in the unknown place (In the place of Chennai, Tambaram railway station). Now the hero argues that he is not Pandi (the evidence was the scar on his elbow), and Nadhiya apologize for her mistake.

Now, Nadhiya explains about her love story with the guy Dhoni Kumar, this love story stretches till intermission (In the interval, Dhoni Kumar takes Nadhiya to his place – the track path was getting changed). Thought that Dhoni Kumar and the girl Nadhiya going to fall in the love, nothing was happening.

In the second half Dhoni Kumar started to narrate his love story between Nikki Galrani (Rajini Radha), who is a great fan of Super Star Rajinikanth, both were fighting each other among them celebrities and as usual both were getting affairs.

In a situation, Radha losses lives in a fire accident. This simple concept strengthens for more than two hours. At the end Pandi and Nadhiya were joining. Among all the comedy sequel, Nikki Galrani appears at the end of the movie that she was the Facebook friend for Soori and she is from Japan, this was the infantile among all.

In the first half, the story depends on Soori’s comedies and in the second half again the story depended with Sathish and a set of gang involved in making the flick interesting, unluckily their tries missed out. The entire film captured in the village area and in the initial no technology wasn’t shown, but in the second half video call is done. It was ridiculous and made the audience as a jester. With the forces of stuffed, there were one fight sequel and a few songs.

Verdict: Vikram Prabhu had dropped is attempted.


Vikram Prabhu * Dhoni Kumar & Pandi

Nikki Galrani *vRajini Radha

Bindu Madhavi * Nadhiya




Ravi Mariya


Nizhalgal Ravi


Directed by * S. S. Surya

Produced by * T. Sivakumar

Music by * C. Sathya

Cinematography * S. Saravanan

Edited by * G. Sasikumar

Production Company * Benn Consortium Studios (P) Ltd

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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