Pakkiri Movie Review

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A common man’s contravention life fluctuate in distinctive scenarios, realizes about event known to have happened.

“Pakkiri” title, which means about a beggar, as it mean to Fakir. Last year Hollywood film “The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir” – a saint normal shows the real life to their followers, they are used to travel and beg food from others. As the title denotes a traveling of a common man and understand the reality. It doesn’t show like a dubbed film, according to the Indian audience, the flour has been flourishing in the each sequel.

The film had stuffed with material life of a man, Rajakumaraguru Lakshmipathy (Dhanush), who struggle for his basic life, at a stage falls in love, it shows the change happen in any situation and back to form enduring as a refused. Overall shows the emotions of each stage of a guy. In the original version the film was directed by Ken Scott. The film was traveling along with the script and Dhanush eccentric followed in many parts of the countries like India, Canada, Paris and Rome.

Canada based director focused on Indian style of narration, Rajakumaraguru Lakshmipathy leads a struggle life in the place of Mumbai, Raja always believes himself as a great magician that he tried to show others, which he had a super ability in the magic, Raja’s mother who is a laundry service woman, that she falls in love with the French guy and she live alone with his son Rajakumaraguru Lakshmipathy, the guy worried about his financial status, use the magic tricks to earn money.

The guy’s mother loses her life, in that situation he realizes, his father lives in France. The guy takes for traveling to find out his alienated father, by making a fraud way of money. There he gets affair with Marie Riviere (Erin Moriarty), both were getting attraction. By all these scenarios Raja immigrates towards England, Spain, Libya to finding his father. Circumstances made him realize about the materialistic world.

Dhanush started his career in Kollywood with his distinct performances dragged the young generation. After a gap, pulls the Bollywood audience in the film of “Raanjhanaa” 2018 Dhanush paced in the Hollywood, which title “Pakkiri” 2019.

Verdict: entertainment play, a convinced way of progression.

Rating: 3.5 / 5



Berenice Bejo

Erin Moriarty


Directed by * Ken Scott

Music by * Amit Trivedi

Cinematography * Vincent Mathias AFC

PRO * Nikil Murukan

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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