Palakkattu Madhavan Movie Review

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Comedy * are applied in Vivek’s own style, and makes the audience to enjoy in the theater
Sentiment * is an old formula of mother’s emotion has been tried to grab the attention of the viewers.

SSS Entertainments & J.A. Lawrence presents, “Palakkattu Madhava” is a normal middle class family subject movie. But the expectation lesser to the audience in the comedy zone, money plays a major criterion to lead a basic life for the Madhavan family.

In the list of comedian upcoming movies “Palakkattu Madhavan” is a different dimension for the Vivek, acted as a father role for the two children. In the mother role Sonia Agarwaal has performed as a Brahmin lady and taking care of her family. Vivek (Palakkattu Madhavan) is being concerned on with the family; however, he is a jobless guy. He tries to find out erroneous methods to become as a rich man. Unfortunately, Madhavan is getting collapsed in his all approaches. Final step Vivek is planned to adopt Sheela as his mother from the Ashram. The motivation for adopting, Sheela has the financial position, so that she will help in Vivek family.

In this condition, Lakshmi (Sonia agarwaal) is against for the adoption, in an issue Lakshmi suspected her husband (Palakkattu Madhavan) and started to hate him. This makes upset to Vivek and plan to send back Sheela. Here is the twirl in the film; Sheela’s own sons are requested to join in their family. Check out the movie, Sheela’s life again started with Vivek or her own sons?

Vivek performance is paramount both in humor and sentiment scenes. Sonia Aagarwaal has done out of glamour and she has executed in her character role. Aarthi (Kogimaami) extra masala for the film, the actor Samudra Pandian (Iman Annachi) role which resembles trendy cheating methodologies reveal in the society. Sheela Madi saree costume, make up and expression is trepidation; proceed as a brave old lady in the movie.

An entertainment matured family subject movie.
Vivek * Palakkattu Madhavan
Sonia Agarwaal * Lakshmi
Sheela * Pattu Maami
Manobala * Office MD
Nankadavul Rajiethiran * SPB Santhosh Kumar
Cell Murugan * Kuruvi
Iman Annachi * Samudra Pandian
Aarthi * Kogimaami
Swami Nathan * Vichumaama
Technicians List:
Director * M. Chandra Mohan
Cinematography * K. S. Selvaraj
Music * Sree Kanth Deva
Lyrics * Ilayakamman, Thanu Karthik, Vivek
Editor * K. Rajagopal
Art Director * Kamal Teejay
Dialogue * R. Rajagopal
Producer * S. Sejeev
PRO * Johnson
Productions * Magnas


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