Palli Paruvathile Movie Review

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Genre: Amorous * uttered about love in the adolescence period, elongated with exciting love with romance.

Synopsis: The flick is directed by Vasudev Bhaskar and he had revealed his teenage love affair divulged as a movie of “Palli Paruvathile”, the film is compressed about young love story which was captured in the natural environment, the story moves about a young boy who falls in love with his schoolmate. The director Vasudev Baskar gives his flashback as a movie.

Story: The movie “Pallip Paruvathilae” is all astir to romantic script among the young school going students, Kalaiarasan (Nandhan Ram) and Kanimozhi (Venba), who are classmates. Kalaiarasan’s father Sarangan (KS Ravikumar) is a principal of the school, the small boy falls in love with Kani, who is studying in the same school, Venbha’s father Ponvannan understands about Nandhan’s love on his daughter and with the respect on Ravikumar, that he advised Nandhan to forget Venbha. After all the advises Nandhan chase the girl every day, in this situation, the boy was again bewitched by Venbha father’s hand. By the boy’s activities the father gets upset and worried a lot about him and in a situation, he rest his soul in the school. Watch out the movie, why Venbha avoided the young boy and why Nandhan tracks Venbha is the real story of the director.

The Director Vasudev Baskar, keep his motto to communicate something is about a childhood life. The artists of “Palli Paruvathile” observed their roles in clearly manner, the music of Vijay Narayanan is being delivered in an adept way,

Verdict: Wild-eyed “sensible about practical matters; realistic.


Nandanram Narayanan,


R K Suresh


Ganja Karuppu

E Ramdoss

KS Ravikumar


Thambi Ramaiah

Sujatha Sivakumar


Director * Vasudev Bhaskar

Producer * D Velu

Production * Connect Film Media,

Music by f Vijay Narayanan

Cinematography by * Vinoth Kumar

Editing * Suresh Harsh

Screenplay * Vasudev Bhaskar

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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