Pandiyoda Galatta Thangala Movie Review

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Pandiyoda Galatta ThangalaGenre: Toon animation * made risible and hits for the children’s categories.

Synopsis: The director S. T. Guna Segaran put an effort to unified list of the humorist gang engaged to hold the audiences, Muyilsamy plays a dual role in the film as a comedian and the sketch ghost, initially Pandi (Muyilsamy) revenges on the guys who stayed in the mansion who ever struck with the love, at the end of film Pandi spook devising a happy life to the people stays at the mansion.

Story: Nitin Sathya is a doll seller near to the place of Abirami Mall and in the complex the heroine Yamini work as a computer operator, both are getting affair with each other, in these sequences, an old mansion is the backbone to the script, the director vigorously stuffed the comedians to avoid drowsiness and entertain the viewers in the first half, and the second half stretches with Pandi Galatta.

The 100 years old mansion owner was Imman Annachi, appointing unmarried and aged Pandi to collect monthly rental from the hombres who stay in the mansion. The hero gang is planning, Pandi to engage with a lady to forget about collecting rent, in a bachelor party on the terrace, the drunken Pandi slipped out from the top of the terrace, this leads to death and he starts to avenge the group. Finally, with the help of Pakkirisamy the Pandi spectrum dumped in a bottle. Check out the film, how the Pandi soul gets rest and retain peace with his ghost group.

Verdict: Mirthful. Galatta is to look up.


Sathya * Nitin Sathya

Raksha Raj * Yamini

Singam Puli * 9 Stars Narayanan

Yogurt Babu * Babu

Mayilsamy * Pandi

Imman Annachi * Annachi

Manobala * Pakkirisamy

Lollusaba Saminathan * Doctor

Lollusaba Manohar * Farms

Kumarasan * Navarathinam


Director * S. T. Guns Segaran

Music * Sugumar

Dance Master * Dheena, Suresh and Habib

Lyrics * Gana Bala

Maranagana Viji


Production * Vikoshiya Media Pvt. Ltd.

PRO * Suresh Chandra

By Deepa Vijendra Rao


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