Parandhu Sella Vaa Movie Review

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Parandhu-Sella-VaaGenre: Waggeries * boosting instrument for this movie

Love story * content with a trilateral

Synopsis: In the direction of Dhanapal Padmanaban “Parandhu Sella Vaa” “Come Let’s Fly” is the attitudes of our hero Luthfudeen, he has contrive to fly Singapore to earn money and keep flying in his heart for the girls, who ever seen, he started to propose them. This creates problems in his marriage life with all stuffs of comedies the film getting fluctuates.

Story: With the rough-cut formula of triangle script, the audiences certainly will get entertained with the different location. The guy Luthfudeen who travels to Singapore and joining in a concern as a System Administrator but in the working area, he was introduced to the colleague Mark (RJ Balaji), then Luthfudeen getting an impression in front of Mark as the woman chaser, by pasting heroines photos, Luthfudeen was getting continues teasing with his roommates Mani (Sathish) and others, made annoyed with the help of RJ Balaji, Luthfedeen creates a fake ID on Facebook that he has in a relationship with an imaginary girl (Narelle Kheng), after a period he is getting engaged with Tamil girl Madhavi (Aishwarya Rajesh) in Singapore and they do grow a want for each other. Luckily or unluckily, the Chinese girl Narelle Kheng was impressed with Sampath (Luthfedeen). Both the girls are stubborn to marry Sampath, but excess of affection who is flowing on Sampath then gets married is the rest of the film.

In the Singapore a private channel is running on of Ponnambalam and Karunakaran’s group, these characters gives extra time for film. The locations of the place in Singapore attracts the viewers. Both the Indian and Chinese artists gorgeous in performance. The comedy sequels balanced by Sathish and RJ Balaji.

Verdict: entertainment


Aishwarya Rajesh

Narelle Kheng

RJ Balaji


G. Gnanasambandam

Joe Malloori





Directed * Dhanapal Padmanabhan

Produced * P. Arumaichandran

Music * Joshua Sridhar

Cinematography * Santhosh Vijayakumar

Edited * M. V. Rajesh Kumar

By Deepa Vijendra Rao


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