PARIVU CABS – Saving the lives of Cab Drivers launched by Actress Upasana

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Parivu Cabs is a new cab service launched by Actress Upasana (15th January 2020) in Chennai that intends to make life easier for the stressed out one lakh cab drivers in Chennai. These drivers work night and day, during rain and shine, whatever the conditions and take all the risks to earn less than what the App company does, for just giving them a booking.

Customers also face hardships with uncertain pricing and spike pricing that makes it very expensive to take the cab when you really need it. The founders of Parivu Cabs have been watching how the cab drivers life is becoming more and more miserable while the App company is earning far more than all of them put together.

Their company Sulnir Technologies Pvt Ltd is formed to solve massive problems through technology. They have co developed this technology to reduce the costs of booking and make it available for just Rs 10/- per trip to the driver.

Now, drivers can keep ALL their earnings and pay only Rs 10/- per trip, whether it is a Rs 100/- trip or a Rs 800/- trip. This will help the cab drivers to retain their earning and take care of themselves and their family better, not to forget that their car will also get more care. Drivers are expected to earn at least 15% more than what they are currently earning assuming they work the same hours or trips. The customers also benefit from Parivu Cabs. How? Customers spend less through Parivu Cabs. On an average in a month they can save around 10% of their travel cost. Parivu Cabs expect their drivers to maintain themselves and their cab better so the ride quality should also improve because of the reduced stress and increased earnings.

This is a social cause that everyone can endorse and support. Anyways millions of people take cabs. By taking a Parivu Cab you end up helping the cab driver to earn better and lead a more meaningful life Existing Problem:

Tens of thousands of taxi and auto drivers are suffering from the following problems:
1. Long hours of working, waiting to earn the incentives that are promised to them, without which they cannot make their ends meet.
2. Commissions ranging from 18 to 36% and more that the App Company takes away from them. Most times, they do not earn as much as the App company after having taken the risk of a loan, long and tough work conditions and undue hardship.
3. These drivers are in the control of the App company and have to run and run to just meet their daily commitments
4. They are not able to spend time with their family or take care of their health or maintain the car since they have to work 18+ hours to meet the dues.

The solution:
Parivu Cabs is an initiative of a group of entrepreneurs with a social bent. They have witnessed the troubles that these drivers undergo and have been yearning to bring about a long lasting solution to their woes. They have now come up with the unique solution of charging a flat usage fees for their App and allowing the drivers to have full control of their business They founded this company Sulnir Technologies Pvt Ltd to launch Parivu Cabs that is set to revolutionise the cab hailing industry. They have ensured that all stakeholders can benefit if they usetechnology properly and have designed this Mobile App accordingly. Instead of collecting steep percentage share of what the cab driver earns, they charge a flat user fees of just Rs 10/- plus GST for booking local trips. The driver is set to save between Rs 10 to Rs 100 per trip perhaps totalling a saving of Rs 800/- to Rs 1200/- or more per day. Many of the driver community have left this industry because they have been exploited badly by the app companies. They are now looking forward to Parivu Cabs to help them rehabilitate and recover their livelihood.

Over 2200 drivers had already enrolled over the last 10 days and everyday there are hundreds more joining this movement. Around 4,500 customer downloads are done and it is expected to cross 10,000 in a week’s time.

Benefits to drivers:
 Low cost per trip. Savings of Rs 500 to Rs 1000/- per day for them
 Ability to be in control of what trips they take – accept or reject based on information
 Less hours on the road to earn the same amount
 Better work-life balance
Benefits to customers:
 Lower and more predictable rates – no suspense or surprise while booking
 More socially conscious and responsible brand that cares for the drivers well-being
 Clean cabs. Clean drivers. – they will be educated on maintaining themselves and their
vehicle better
 They become part of the movement to #SaveOurCabDrivers

Founded by:
Parivu Cabs is led by Parivu Dr Sakthivel who is a well-known philanthropist and social activist in Chennai and Ignatius Raphael a business consultant with over 30 years’ experience with start-ups and growing businesses.

This service was formally launched by Mon 15th January at their office in Chennai. Mr C Vijayakumar, Director (Retd) Forensic Sciences Dept, Govt of TN, lit the lamp and marked the beginning of this service and Ms Upasana RC, Actress of “Karuthukali padivusei” fame and “Traffic Ramaswamy” fame, launched the App by unveiling the logo and App Screen. Several dignitaries felicitated the gathering and wished this initiative a grand success stating that this is the need of the hour since thousands of drivers are leaving this profession due to the harsh policies of the existing companies that keep them hooked to work long hours and enjoy the benefits of their hard work.

Customers can download and install the app from Google Playstore or directly click on


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