Pariyerum Perumal Movie Review

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Genre: Preaching * on the caste discrimination sets forth in a social class separate from others by distinctions of hereditary rank, occupation and wealthiness.

Synopsis: Normally, caste discrimination has been existing still in the rural areas, that is being exposed in a fine-tuned way, the director Mari Selvaraj simplified the college students’ life, that their affection blend with seemly adds on up. Unfortunately, the society exaggerated even the young buds whereby in the circumstances.

An unveiling director Mari Selvaraj, come out from the old formulas in the caste discrimination, like lovers elopes out, the dominating caste and sinless caste families get clashes with each other, due to their young people fall on love affair. But director’s tidings speak out well, how the society focuses on the generation.

Story: Opening and climax meld out well and gives information for the viewers. In a village a guy Pariyan (Kathir), who keeps the affection on a dog (Karuppi), and all of sudden the dog hit on towards a fate, Karuppi gets crashes in a train accident. The dog Karuppi funeral song was given the tedious feeling for the audience and the visual perception made to drag on towards the realistic rural place.

In a hard situation, the lower caste guys treated in a brutal way that made their community head man insisting to go for higher studies that too particular Pariyan has to hold on the innocent people, who have been crushed with cast discrimination that Pariyan stepping in a law college for his community developed.

In the same college an upper caste girl Jothi Lakshmi (Anandhi), joins and both of them go on with a good relationship, in the initial level. But, the girl Jothi slowly develops love on Pariyan.

The upper caste people hit Pariyan and his father affects in a venomous and in the climax Jothi’s family sets up for an old man to murder Pariyan. By all his designate beforehand, which would never change the society, that was kicked out with the dialogues and the situations of Kuruppi and Pariyan made an emotional admiration of the audience.

Mari Selvaraj expressed his talent in his first film, Pa Ranjith step in as a producer. The guy Kathir, who works out well in every sequel and Anandhi’s childish behaviour stretches till the climax and Sridhar’s cinematography explicit the natural environment, Yogi Babu balances for the comedy portions and finally Santosh Narayanan’s music support the film.

Verdict: Pariyerum Perumal BA, BL – resemble of lower caste people.

Rating: 3.5 / 5


Pariyerum Perumal (Pariyan) – Kathir

Joythi Mahalakshmi (Jo) – Anandhi

Anand – Yogi Babu

G. Marimuthu

Karate Venkatesan


Directed by * Mari Selvaraj

Produced by * Pa. Ranjith

Written by * Mari selvaraj

Music by *Santhosh Narayanan

Cinematography * Sridhar

Edited by * Selva RK

Production Company * Neelam Productions

PRO * R. Kumaresan PRO * Guna

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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