Pasanga 2 Movie Review

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pasanga-2-Genre: Tykes * are the strengthen to this movie, the title shows up on the film relevant to children.

Funniness * made by the youths and their childish hit to the mature people.

Outline: The Pasanga movie is entirely based on village oriented and the children’s prankish and the script were portrayed according to the rural area, Pasanga 2 the issues surrounded by the children and attitudes concerned with the parents have exaggerated towards harmonizing to the city life. The children kavin and Naina are extreme in their naughtiness, both skips their schools every year, and Naina fling under the treatment of dyslexia and Kavin roguishness extent to the peak level. This made by disappointment to their parents. Both the children are pushed to the hostel life and made a terrible lifespan.

Story: The director concentrated on the children’s situations and the parents must be treated the special children in a prodigious way, and have focused with special care. The parents role-play was done by Karthik Kumar-Bindhu Madhavi of Naina frustrated by her hyperactive simultaneously Ramdoss-Vidya Pradeep let down by Kavin’s behavior. The children’s parents were losses their patience at a stage, they meet the sodding couple, how they treat the own children, Naina and Kavin, both are struck with Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or in layman term – hyperactive. Sentinel out the movie, with the cinematic sequences of predictions the ends up.

The character Tamizh Naadan (Suriya) the film starts with him in his small age, as he was last in all his activities, but the half movie Suriya disappeared, in the mid of the movie appear as a psychiatric doctor and shows his facial expression in infantile approach to the children. The teacher role performed by Venba in a chilled way, works in a new age unschool, she resigns her job where ever no loyalty to the position, its high contravene to the real life. Music by Arrol Corelli is heartbreak touched by the children, and Naina story telling hit the parents to rolls tears eyes. The director’s screenplay the Naina parents as in serious characters and the Kavin’s parents are quite opposite the director  Pandiraj portrayed Ramdoss as a  Kleptomania person to move to film in a merriment based and entertain the viewers.

Verdict: A gracious family lined up entertainment movie with the kids.


Nishesh * Kavin

Baby Vaishnavi * Naina


Karthik Kumar

Bindu Madhavi

Vidya Pradeep


Rekha Haricharan

Suriya * Tamizh Naadan

Amala Paul * Venba

Samuthirakani *guest appearance

Imman Annachi * guest appearance


Directed * Pandiraj

Produced * Suriya Pandiraj

Written * Pandiraj

Music * Arrol Corelli

Cinematography * Balasubramaniem

Production company * 2D Entertainment Pasanga Productions

Distributed * Studio Green Escape Artists Motion Pictures


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