Pazhaya Vannarapettai Movie Review

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Pazhaya VannarapettaiGenre: Thriller * made a hunting for the Kumar

Synopsis: The title “Pazhaya Vannarapettai” Old Washermanpet is a place of North Madras the gang of Mechanical Engineering students hangs up in a suspected case and Pragin plays a leading role among the guys, Assistant Commissioner Moorthy (Richard) involving to investigate the murder and targeted the accuse.

Story: An opening song exposes the renowned of “Pazaya Vannarpettai” Prajin’s after his couple of movies, acted as a student in this film, whose life believed with the friends due to his parents are no more. The gang of five friends enjoys themselves by using liquor, one night the guys are falling into the whodunit, an inspector of Pazaya Vannarpettai very much proud enough to say that any cases come to Washermanpet, the criminals will be caught within 21 hours. By saying their fame in front press person, in the by-election couple of people involved was being murdered, happened in the place of Old Washermanpet. The police arresting a group of people and even by the suspicion five guys who were kept overnight, the police inspector to avoid his critical condition, among the engineering students one have been producing as accuse, Assistant Commissioner Moorthy (Richard) involving to identify the real criminal and in the parallel Karthik (Prajin) local toughie Dheena (Nishanth) start hunting for the real murderer Kumar.

The director Mohan gives a realistic based in few panoramas, the action sequel where both the guys Pragin and Nishanth targets the scamps which raises the level. Overall the crook Kumar what happened is the story.

Verdict: With the starting and at the end of the film, Kumar was a magic rowdy.


Pragin * Karthik





Director * Mohan

Producer * M Prakash

Music by * Jubin

By Deepa Vijendra Rao


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