Peechankai Movie Review

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Genre: Comedy * to an uttermost level

Synopsis: The movie was directed by Ashok, who had given an interesting comedy film and was blended with crime story, the hero Karthik (Smoothu), played as a pickpocket guy, Anjali Rao runs a telephone booth with her father and other artists, MS Baskar, Vivek Prasanna, Paiya Ponmudi, Joseph, Krish who support the film.

Story: ‘Alien Hand Syndrome’ is the new technique is used by the director Ashok to get success for the film. The title Peechankai which the left hand of Smoothu plays a vital role, the guy Smoothu who is a snatches the purse with his left hand. At a time, Smoothu was noticed by the policeman, while Smoothu plan to escape from the cop, he struck up with an accident and then after his left hand stop heeding to his brain. The doctors say that Smoothu’s circumstance becomes with decisive status, he had affected by the peculiar disease called the Alien Hand Syndrome and it creates mis communication between his right and left brain, for the remedy for his condition, doctors suggest for an operation which would cost RS 3 lakhs. By this situation, Smoothu was getting affair with Anjali Rao, by the time Smoothu also gets a chance if he snatches a mobile phone from the politicians which was full of secret videos that he would get a lump sum amount and even kidnapping a child, was his left hand help him or protect his life from the illegal activities is the rest of the script.

Verdict: The left hand is a naughty hand.



Anjali Rao

MS Baskar

Vivek Prasanna

Paiya Ponmudi

Joseph, Krish


Directed by * Ashok

Produced by * R S Karthik

Production * Karsa Entertainment, PG Media,

Music by * Balamurali Balu

Lyrics * Sugumar Ganesan

Cinematography * Gautham Rajendran

Editing * Jomin Mathew

Art Direction * Martin Titus BFA

Costume Design * Akilan Ram

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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