Peigal Jaakkirathai Movie Review

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Peigal-Jaakkirathai1Genre: Repulsion * drama with meek in the scary sequences, concoction of sound effects.

Comedy * portions are filling out an eccentric of ‘Annachi’, is an extra strength to the movie.

Outline: After the hitting of horror subjects like “Mass” and “Om Santhi Om” the ghosts are seeking on the obligation to fulfill their wishes in a different way. This shows a change accomplished in the horror movies. A scary man’s role played by Thambi Ramaiah and he has a flashback story. In the parallel, the opposite attitudes prevailed by the hero, takes more attempt to the self-destruction, but he gets failure in all his attempts.

Story: In the direction of Kanmani “Peigal Jaakirathai”(Ghost Beware) the ghosts are helping to the hero, so the title is not a distinct match to the script, in a scene the group of spirits, were watching the Hollywood movie, all are sudden to get fear by visual the ghost movie, but it’s a comedy glut for the film. In the beginning of the film, Thambi Ramaiah was a great man in his place, but he had a story at his young age, Rose Mary is a lover to him and she was an attempt to suicide and her soul had followed him for many years, every night Annachi gets fear to sleep. The script has started with Annachi and ends up with the hero’s family and they faced the tragedy. The philosophical and spiritual related information conveyed to the audiences by the lyrics of Lingashtakam Stotram touches the viewers.

Verdict: A lengthy comedy blended ghost film.


Jeeva Rathnam

Eshanya Maheshwari

Thambi Ramaiah

John Vijay


V. I. S. Jayapalan




Directed * Kanmani

Produced * G. Raghavan

Music by Maria Jerald

Cinematography * Mallikarjun

Edited * Suresh Urs

Production company * Sri Sai Sarvesh Entertainment

Distributed * Escape Artists Motion Pictures


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