Petromax Movie Review

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“Petromax” combo package of horror mashed up with hilarity.

Normally, Kollywood industry’s common genres can be listed out easily, in that categories horror based content hold a place to safeguard. The film “Petromax” most of the sequences followed in a house which give a challenge to the director Rohin Venkatesan. “Petromax” absolutely redo of a Telugu movie “Anando Brahma”. The flick “Petromax” takes a long continuance to exaggerated about the eccentrics. In the first half, the film holds with the four men meshes in the sequences together.

Even though the film “Petromax” tested the audience’s patience, the baseline starts up with a guy Prem who travel from Malaysia to Chennai to sell the house. At a point, the fellow Mime Gopi Guru executive for a plan the house occupied by ghosts and decided to purchase the house for a less amount. Now in this scenario, Prem and Senthil Munishkanth both taking the steps the house doesn’t invade by any spirits.

Now, a gang of four guys treading inside, to vanish off the house belongs to a bruits. But the situation against towards Prem and Senthil, in the house Meera spirit and few souls joins together to renounce the guys from the place. The concept of the film, audience might have observed in the Tamil cinema. Anyway the movie holds with trend of artists and gracious dance of actress Tamannah.

The film holds rigorous with the four men and Tamannaah balancing somehow. The fellowship of Munishkanth, Sathyan, Kaali Venkat and TSK endorsed the film and even dragging the audience with their performances. On the whole, strengthen for the film was Munishkanth which he gives his full efforts towards the film with this Livingston and Yogibabu glitter the frames by their performances. The film had all sorts of elements which a ghost movie contains, utterly nothing new stuffed couldn’t follow.

The actress Tamannaah in some manner poising the film and she has taken proficient steps in her career apart from glamorous stuffing. The music and background effects over-the-top in Ghibran’s composed. The director Rohin Venkatesan worked out from the original version to give Tamil flour, Dani Raymond’s cinematography was solitary on the each frame.

Rating: 3


Tamannaah * Meera

Munishkanth * Senthil

Kaali Venkat * Thangam


Prem * Saravanan


Mime Gopi as Guru

TSK as Kaali

Yogi Babu


Directed by * Rohin Venkatesan

Produced by * A. Kumar

Written by * G. R. Surendarnath

Music by * Ghibran

Cinematography * Dani Raymond

Edited by * Leo John Paul

Production Company * Eagle’s Eye Production

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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