Pichaikkaran Movie Review

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PitchaikkaranGenre: Suasion * are squeezed over on the viewers and the dialogues made goosebump in some sequences.

Comedy * made to entertain, which is being part, mid of the sentimental area to embroil.
Synopsis: The director Sasidharan. N had a list of  successful films like  Sollamale, Roja Kootam and Poo, which is being added one more film is Pichaikkaran. The word Pichaikkaran embittered to the audience the content related to beggars. But Sasi has the fine line sketches and conveyed the scenes analogue on both beggars lifestyle and the concept of the film.

Story: The film Pichaikkaran (Beggar) Made a triumph over to the hero Vijay Antony, where he had been missed out in the film India Pakistan. The story commences as the hero is an MBA student, who return to India to take in charge of the administrative work. He is a multi millionaire in the place of Coimbatore. Unfortunately, his mother struck up with the coma stage, with all his efforts and treatment in the aboard Arul’s (Vijay Antony) Mother was not healed. As a stage was overlapped to his situations, he started to believe in 48 days try to live as a Beggar and at any cost, he shouldn’t reveal about the original life. After a long struggle, he gets back his mother.

The beggars lifestyle and they have eager to live with all basic needs, the hero has the decent approaches on the romantic sequences with the heroine Maghizhini. The strengthening of the film is sentimental dialogues are stuffed. The police was unlike to touch the Beggar Arul, once he started to know he is a rich man, the police holds the Arul’s hand for his mistake. The dialogue, like I’m ashamed of being a richer than Beggar. Overall a fine commercial and sentiment film.

Verdict: The script is carried out to the viewers.


Vijay Antony * Arul
Satna Titus * Maghizhini
Bagavathi Perumal * Arul’s friend Rajesh Muthuraman * Arul’s uncle
Dheepa Ramanujam * Arul’s mother Bhuvaneshwari


Directed * Sasi
Produced * Fatima Vijay Antony
Written * Sasi
Music * Vijay Antony
Cinematography * Prasanna Kumar
Edited * Veera Senthil Raj
Production company * Vijay Antony Film Corporation
Distributed  * KR films,
Skylark Entertainment


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