Podhu Nalan Karudhi Movie Review

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A common man’s struggle to overcome, from the avaricious lender possessions of sinless people to pay back.

Synopsis: The flick opened to the city side of hapless people of their urgent demand falls on aggressive money lenders, in this scenario, the film was travelling with a guy Karunakaran, who worried for his vanished elder brother and enquiries for two years about his original status.

On the other side, an energetic guy Napoleon, who always depend on his Boss, even sacrifice his true love. In this, Uththiram played the extreme stratum of money financier eccentric that he murdered the people that he often belligerent in an unethical manner towards the people.

Story: The film was directed by directed by Zion, who tracks the life of downtrodden people. In the opening, how the couple rough-cut men, who were dragging them as a city dweller and the story move with a Poovarasan (Karunakaran), who take his brother job. The innocent guy Poovarasan takes the responsibility to earn money and even safeguard his brother’s wife and the child.

With the crucial stage, the director focused on commercial aspects Poovarasan and Anu Sithara keeps affairs with each other. But Poovarasan father believed that the guy does not fit for searching his brother. In other aspects, Uththiram (Yog Japee), a person that he is ruthless and dishonest financial business man, concentrate to develop his business.

The man Napoleon (Santhosh Pratap), who is all in all for Uththiram. But the scrapper man never believed on any relationship. With all blindness Napoleon believes in Uththiram and sacrifices his lover and do whatever for Uththiram, that he goes extreme level to get money from the innocent people.

Now this situation moves upside down for Napoleon, the business enemy Uththiram and Babu joins together murdered the loyal man Napoleon. The other money financier Babu waits for the right time to kill out Uththiram.

The actor Karunakaran thievish the audience with his casual performance, on the other side Santhosh Prathap have gone through with seemly.

Verdict: Zion’s screenplay was inadequate in some extent.

Rating: 2/5


Santhosh Prathap * Napoleon

Adith Arun


Anu Sithara


Yog Japee

Imman Annachi


Kameshwaran C


Directed by * Zion

Produced by * AVR Anbuvelrajan

Written by * Zion

Music by * Hariganesh. A

Cinematography * Suwaminathan

Edited by * Greyson

PRO * Raj Kumar

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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