Puli Movie Review

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An Escapade * film has been based on logical less are found in the starting and elongated till the end of the movie.

Script * made a hypothetical and made bemused, in some conditions frame in a depth analysis to reach out the story.

Comedy * as usual comedians are stuffed to entertain the audiences.

Outline: In the appearances and the movie rolls on the fiction oriented play, and the director (Chimbu Deven) contributes his conjecture features in the movie. The hero (Vijay) survives in a stargaze place with his people. His girlfriend (Shruti Haasan) was snatched by the group of people, The “Puli” Son was dogging the place to get back Shruti Haasan. The hero gets the help of his sin birds and physically looks too small people, to get the direction of his destination. Once the hero reached his intent place, he faces a lot of scrambles to protect his people and the Pavala Malli. The kingdom was ruled by Yavana (Sri Devi) is an ingenuous queen, but the queen was under the control of Jaladarangan (Sudeep), made a tremendous catastrophe for the queen family and her kingdom.

Story: With an immense budget, and a group of swelled artists with their lesser performances makes a great disappoint to the viewers’. The director (Chimbu Deven) hasn’t confused with his previous movie scripts, but the “Puli” to a greater extent gets crumbled. The hero (Marudheeran) lives a happy life with his people and the girlfriend, Pavala Malli was kidnapped by the Vadalapuram people. The Yavana is queen of the Vedalapuram, but the Thalapathy Jaladarangan plans were to rule over the Yavana and the people, so the Commander Jaladarangan made the queen as a puppet to control the Kingdom.

The hero, after the romance scenes with his girlfriend, the second half movie tracks towards, the hero is being reached Vedalapuram. The ruling people of Vedalapuram, named it as Vedalam. The hero (Vijay) exposes him as Vedalam. The queen of Vedalapuram keeps on monitoring Maru Dheeran and finally, the hero Maru Dheeran prove him as a Vedalam, Yavana rani is announcing her princess gets married (Mandakini) with Murudheeran. Check out movie in the theatre, the queen realized her errors and Maru Dheeran has safeguard his lover and his people.

The hero Vijay prevails in dual role in the script, the couple of female heroines performances is like few rain drops, but Sridevi’s portions are quite filled up. A monster chases the innocent people call up a game of Temple Run. From the beginning of the movie, the audiences have to forget by search for logic. Sound effects of DSP altogether in his vogue of heart ticker. Vijay’s punch dialogues is not much persuasiveness, and his facial expressions were to a lesser extent, compare to his previous movies.

Verdict: Entertains to the tykes, and a fantasy movie.


Vijay * Maru Dheeran

Sridevi * Yavana

Sudeep * Commander & Thalapathy Jaladarangan

Shruti Haasan * Pavala Malli

Hansika Motwani * Mandakini


Nandita Swetha


Thambi Ramaiah

Aadukalam Naren

Imman Annachi

Robo Shankar


Vidyullekha Raman


Gayathri Raman


Directed by * Chimbu Deven

Produced by * Shibu Thameens PT Selvakumar

Written by * Chimbu Deven

Music by * Devi Sri Prasad

Cinematography * Natarajan Subramaniam

Edited by * A. Sreekar Prasad

Production company * SKT Studios

Minutes * 154


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