Purampooku Engira Podhuvudamai Movie Review

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Purampooku Engira Podhuvudamai
Purampooku Engira Podhuvudamai


Social awareness * concept of ideas conventional is input in the movie

Inquisitiveness * were manipulated in some portions and makes the story interesting

Title * “Purampokku” lengthen the title on screen as “Purampooku Engira Podhuvudamai”


The most influential of the Indian independence movement many were involved authentic legacy prompted youth, many were been in the revolutionary principles. In that base, the movie has been structured for the social alertness to the audience. Title of the movie pop up to the listeners in different point of view, “Purampokku Engira Podhuvudami” is the tangible meaning of this film. The film maker doesn’t depict the tile in erroneous aspects.


S.P. Jhananathan’s directotion, which made fabulous three hero efforts were doesn’t show any complicated, and they have done their perfect sway. An opening India was facing various hindrances, but in the movie’s target was India has been used as the other countries dustbin, all the wastage things of military weapons, electronic items, all have been dumped in northern of part India. In that situation, huge wastage of a military bomb explodes and working lady forfeits her life. After this short message, movie approach to the Balusamy who is in incarcerated for the Train usurp and other related to public issues. Baulsamy was refused his mercy petition, and willing to hang. Here, Macaulay is appointed as a special officer for hanging Balusamy and Yemalingam works in railways, he enforced to dispense as a hangman role, his ancestors were worked in this field and he is a right choice of man to hang Balusamy. A set of force, involving in that force Kuyili lead to flee Balusamy from the prison and Yemalingam not interested to hang Balu with all of pipe up and attention-grabbing will the Macaulary hang Balu or not and their planning will get success in dodging Balu?

Ups & Downs:

In the escaping scene, a person from Balu’s group speaks Sanskrit words in front of the policeman about their plan both were starting to pray in Sanskrit. Which made to think audience a police man doesn’t have basic knowledge why they are praying?  And the ridiculous way of conveys their messages. In one more situation, Balusamy planned to go as a human bomb and Kuyili has to operate, but she doesn’t have heart to press the button. Why need emotion those who work against military force. A good concept was started initially by saying a message, but the track was moved in trivial. Background effects of music heart beaten in every sequence. Artists have done the best performance in their own style. Viswa acted in his sequence like a specialist in computer technology.

Verdict: The movie has not waste the content.


Arya * Balusamy

Shaam * Macaulary

Viay Sethupathi * Yemalingam

Karthiga * Kuyili

Rama * Chellamma

Krishnamoorthi * Chellapandi

Bharathi Murugesh * Murugesh

Naveen * Naveen

Sri Vetri * Vetri

T. S. K. Saravanakumar

Viswa * Viswa


P.R.O. * Suresh Chandhra

Music * Varshan

Background score * Srikanth

Producer & Co Producer * Siddharth Roy kapur & Amrita Pandey

Screenplay * Roghanth

Story, Dialogue, Direction * S. P. Jhananathan


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