Puriyatha Puthir Movie Review

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Genre: Emotional thriller * filled with excited, anticipation of a forthcoming climax.

Synopsis: The content completely overlooks with more suspense and the sequel moves with tickling, the title had anew as “Puriyaatha Puthir” before that it was named as “Mellisai” due to the flick tracks with the melodic phrase and Vijay Sethupathi plays as a music composer. After a couple of years in delay of releasing the movie, director had struggled to convince the audience by giving a twist and quiver. Even though many dumbfounds eager ups in the first half the screenplay sparks in slow moving it makes the viewers forbearance.

Story: “Puriyatha Puthir” the title calls back the 1990‘s Raghuvaran’s movie, in 2017 Vijay Sethupathi whose role as Kathir and he was a disciplining music director, opening a suicide was committed by the womanhood and the director keeps her tragedy twist reveals at the end of the movie. Continue to this, once the heroine Meera goes into Kathir’s music instruments store, he gets admire while she plays a guileful tune and he started to follow her to pull the attention on him, both Kathir and Meera were starting to live a happy life as lovers and their life moves well for them until he gets a salacious video of his lover from a stranger. Even, the lives of Kathir’s friends are at risk. Watch out the movie in the theatre who was the stranger and experience what was the purpose of threatening Kathir.

Vijay Sethupathi keeping up his journey in a successful path. Hope this tiresome script with slow running screenplay will help him to step up in a next level, Gayathri and Vijay Sethupathi joining for the third time. The heroine Gayathri’s characterization was shaped with strong. The songs are not more fascinating compared to “Vikram Vedha” but the BGM works out well and needs to appreciate music director Sam C. S.

Verdict: Need patience


Vijay Sethupathi * Kathir

Gayathri * Meera




Mahima Nambiar

Sonia Deepti


Directed by * Ranjit Jeyakodi

Produced by * Deepan Boopathy and
Ratesh Velu

Written by * Ranjit Jeyakodi

Music by * Sam C. S.

Cinematography * Dinesh Krishnan

Edited * Bavan Sreekumar

Production company * Rebel Studio

Distributed by *JSK Film Corporation

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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