R.V. School celebrated it’s 30th Annual Day

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R.V. School, Sithalapakkam, Chennai, celebrated it’s 30th Annual Day on 6/4/2017.On this day the school honoured 10 World War 2 veterans widows with cash of Rs. 3000/ each. Mrs. Elizabeth Mitra Das 95 yrs., wife of late Antony Mitra Das, World War 2 veteran and Ace film maker along with film personalities Mr. Thambi Ramaiah, actor, producer and National award winner,Mr. Rajakumaran,Producer, actor and director and Mrs. Devayani Rajakumaran, actor and producer gave the cash to the widows. The school was established in 1985. Mrs. Lakshmidevi is it’s Correspondent and Mr. N. Pushparaj, it’s Principal.The school gives free education to 58 students. The event was organised by US Tamil HD and GVE Education and Career.


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