Raatchasi Movie Review

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“Raatchasi” shoots the government school staff – Jyothika’s execution getting ripened day by day.

To whom Geetha Rani is Raatchasi in this film? For the government teachers!!! Yes, there is a comparison between private school teachers and government school teachers. Private teachers had been squeezed by the authorities, if a person gets a job in the government school, life has been settled. Geetha Rain becoming  Raatchasi to those government staff. 

In the second half, the audience getting aware of Geetha Rain was working with the army that her lover (unknown figure) and Geetha Rain decided to do a service for the government school. In the place of Puthur village Geetha Rain placing as a headmistress, when she was entering into the school that she is noticing the school was filled with uncivilized students, with a bad environment and faculties are stuff less.

In the same area, a private school authority planning to drop Geetha Rain’s growth, what she has given the best towards the government school students. Geetha Rani focuses on children that who has been failed in 9th class and she promotes them to 10th class. By this decision, she was getting prisoned in the jail. Geetha Rani’s students 10th result made an honorable to her actions. 

The dialogues are directly hitting on government teachers that they were fighting for their rights, why they are not concentrating on infrastructures and for the quality education. Even skillful teachers are not placed in the government schools. So the film is Raatchasi to government staff it seems!!!. 

Anyway, 2nd class student image Geetha Rani as a  Bhadrakali when she enters the school campus, handling the children again imagine like an angel. Present education system going in a distinct way, children are not respectable towards their elders. We are not living in the western world. Only thing is students are respecting their elders with the relationship and age. This film made worried about that, children are calling headmistress by her name. 

Jyothika looks matured in her appearance, might be the eccentric project her in that way. As a teacher, Geetha Rani hasn’t taken a class to her students, if there was a single shot, the film would be fulfilled. It is missing. 

This this male dominating cinema industry, some of female artists are sustaining in the cinema field, in that Jyothika has stepped her feet strongly. 

Verdict:  Jyothika – Overdose 

Rating: 2 / 5


Jyothika * Geetharani 

Hareesh Peradi



Directed by * Gowthamraj

Sean Roldan

PRO * Johnson 

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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