Raja Ranguski Movie Review

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Genre: Depicting crime * topped with enigma throughout the story and made searching of excitement and suspense reveals in the climax.

Synopsis: “Raja Ranguski” is set forth between contradictory of love merged that the killer besides with the hero, when the interrogation proceeds on is the director’s twist it seemed. The heroine Ranguski’s attitude always keeps opposite, in a situation, for the safety purpose, the hero says, lock the front gate and be safe in the night but, Ranguski never close it and keeps the door open.

The director Dharani Dharan intention is to give a thrilling content for the audience even Dharani checked out the pulses of viewers, a suspenseful adventure story, will hit the audience. That’s why many properties have been used for the investigation, antique knife, accident Bible convergences in the movie.

Story: An innocent cop Raja (Shirish), falls at first sight with a queer girl Ranguski, as the lady loves to write novels and she gets friendship with the cop Raja, who is a writer in the police station. Now one more eccentric involving in the script that a Christian lady, who found in taking care with the antique items and preserve it safely in her house. Now, these properties are the connection for the screenplay.

Once, Raja proposes his love with Ranguski in a peculiar way that he utilizes Ranguski’s opposite attitude. The cop Raja does a strange call to Ranguski that she stop to accepting the proposal. Obviously Ranguski accepts Raja’s love.

The tackles is starting, in front of Raja, Ranguski is getting a strange call again. In this situation, a neighbourhood of Ranguski, an old christian lady killed in a pathetic way. The police people suspect on Raja and the investigation is moving on towards the CBCID K. K (Jayakumar Janakiraman), who screws of Raja in different angle.

As usual, from the custody of CBCID Raja rushes out and starting to investigate on his way with his friend and even with the lover Ranguski. The director’s atrocious twist was Maria and Mary sprouts out. As the director had given the cue antique items will go for just thousands, so the story go to an accident Bible which is valued for crores.

As in the police get up Shirish hasn’t showed his power, looks very weak in his portions, Chandini Tamilarasan goes with negative roles, is being observed in her previous films, Jayakumar Janakiraman investigation method was in a comical way. As in a CBCID stratum couldn’t match in his acting.

Verdict: Characteristics are lacking in the performances – totally immaturity stuffed carried on with the thriller prompts.

Rating: 1. 9 / 5


Shirish * Raja

Chandini Tamilarasan * Ranguski

Jayakumar Janakiraman * K.K

Anupama Kumar * Maria

Kalloori Vinoth * Baskar


Madhu Ragurram


Directed by * Dharani Dharan

Written by * Dharani Dharan

Music by * Yuvan Shankar Raja

Cinematography * D. K. Yuvaa

Edited by * Shafiq Muhammed Ali

Production Company * Vasan Productions, Burma Talkies

PRO * Suresh Chandra & Rekha D’One

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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