Rajavukku Check Movie Review

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An emotional target compressed with crime scenarios.

The director and an actor Cheran, usually focused his movies towards emotional bonds, but on the whole Cheran presents the films in decent frames. The film “Rajavukku Check” was directed by Sai Rajkumar and Cheran had been tuned in an affectionate father’s eccentric, whose daughter stuck up into the slunk of men’s custody which he was contending with the arrogance guys.

A drunken Raja Sendhoor Pandian (Cheran) and wife prolonging their divorce case in the court for a decade, the reason behind for the divorce was Cheran had a phobia which he sleeps at any time. While driving a car and in the special occasion Cheran goes for a deep sleep. In this scenario. Cheran’s daughter getting an opportunity for her higher studies.

Cheran wish was his daughter to stay with him for a period of ten days and the court and his wife agree his request. Once Cheran’s daughter step into his house the calamity followed him. A four scoundrel guys targeted his daughter. Cheran was getting shocked by seeing those guys along with his daughter. Think of Cheran’s situations and will he safeguard his daughter from the criminals.

The first half moves with causal frames with neat narration. Unfortunately, Srushti Dange was getting raped by the guys made inconvenienced. Some how pretty was shown on Cheran’s daughter, missed to show pretty on Srushti Dange, she would have also escaped from the rape sequence. In the climax, Srushti Dange and Cheran’s daughter dumped in an underground room, how Srushti Dange escaped and tapping the door was filled with bewilderment.

The actor Cheran was leading the screenplay by his performances, Srushti Dange over exposed is an overdose, Irfan delivered his portions in a peak cruelty guy.

Verdict: message to the young women – good attempt.

Rating: 3 / 5



Srushti Dange


Nandana Varma



Directed by * Sai Rajkumar

Music by * Vinod Yajamanya

Cinematography * M. S. Prabhu

Edited by * C. S. Prem

Production Company * Pallatte Kokkatt Film House

Distributed by * SDC PICTUREZ

PRO * A. John * CN Kumar

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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