Ratsasan Movie Review

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Genre: Heroic tale * leads to the suspense, each frame made beyond and diverging from the common expectations, even trembling with jerky sequels made embracing, as it was converting excitement from to the fear.

Synopsis: Obviously, thriller story is not an easy task for the filmmakers, in that case, whatever envision on screen is not possible to digest, a heroic guy who had interested in shine with the film industry as a director and by his family member started to forcing him to drop the dream and the hero sister’s husband, is being worked in the police department and with the recommendation of his brother-in-law, the dreamy guy take charge as a police inspector. In the opening itself the abrupt has been started.

The director intension is to lock the audience by the thrilling and didn’t think of any logical conclusion. The psycho killer, loops an evidence for the police department, that was a brutally figured doll is presented for each murder. One more scenes which are not merged with the film.

The young school going girls are getting physical harassment by a male teacher, the director might be foretold, how the girls are abused among the society. Those sequels are extra fitting for tempting towards the viewers.

Story: Vishnu Vishal is always getting successful, whether it is the plain comic scripts or subject oriented films. The film “Ratsasan” targeted by uncertain cognitive state, the cops are struggling evidence for a continues murder, a student who had problem in hearing and she was using an earphone machine, after the post-mortem, Vishnu Vishal better half elder sister’s daughter had problems in hearing, by this hint, the tiresome guy getting clues from the hearing phone. While operating the headphone the guy guessing out that a magician cum musician has done all those murders.

A flashback is coming out for the psycho, an old Anglo lady’s son who had an ageing condition of mysterious disease and they live in the place of Kodaikanal and her son Christopher was getting insulted for his pathetic condition in the school, still there was a heart, which the girl shows affection on Christopher. But, the boy forgets his negative side that he doesn’t have the capacity procreation and has-been started to propose her.

The girl started to scream by his behaviour and explains about his situations and stop to meet her frequently. The situations surpassed and the mother guides Christopher to kill the girl by using a hammer. This is how the film targeted the audience.

Vishnu Vishal takes care of his sister’s daughter in a love some nature, once the girl killed and his sister and uncle Munishkanth Ramdoss packed up and their chapter was closed and the hero didn’t even bother after a sentimental song gets over.

The actor Vishnu Vishal tried to give good performance, but the script made to drag him down. By the overdose of thrilled creates the errors, one more thing is satisfying, in the film romantic didn’t exceeded from the level. Amala Paul used as in a proper eccentric with an appropriate radio of quixotic, Munishkanth is being supported by his performances, mid of the film he was getting disappeared. The music director Ghibran’s BGM and songs somehow managed for the film, the cinematography of PV Shankar utterly completely neat and clean.

Verdict: Thriller was stretched – depleted of the strength by overdose.

Rating: 2.5 / 5


Vishnu * Arun

Amala Paul

Suzane George


Kaali Venkat Venkat




Directed by * Ramkumar

Produced by * G. Dilli Babu * R. Sridhar

Written by * Ramkumar

Music by * Ghibran

Cinematography * P. V. Sankar

Edited by * San Lokesh

Production Company * Axess Film Factory

Distributed by * Skylark Entertainment

PRO * Suresh Chandra & Rekha D’One

Deepa Vijendra Rao


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