In the realistic, even in the story both were living as the brothers

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J. K Good Films Baburaja, James Films Muruganandam joins together and presenting the movie is “Thirupathisamy Kudumbam”

In this movie a couple of heroes have been introduced J. K and Jayakanth, as a heroine Aiswarya Lakshmi is acting in the film and in the prominent role Jayan have projected on screen. In accompaniment with these artists Devadarshini, Mayilsamy, K. Amir, Kaviraj and Scissor Manohar had been supported.

Cinematographer of the film is Y. M. Murali / Music by Raj

Editing of the film is Raja Mohammed

Dance by Dinesh and Hafi, the stunt was given by Karthik, Co-Production of the movie is Thirupur K. L. K. Mohan. By focusing on the Production side of the flick is BabuRaja, B. Jepar and Ashraf then the direction is Suresh Sangumugam and he had given a list of successful movies of Arasu and Gambeeram.

The producer Baburaja explicates, in the both the companies of Super Good Films, 25th years he worked in the Co-Production and in Kabali movie worked in Production area and now for the first time in this film, he is introducing his sons as the heroes. This film had got a U certificate from the censor board and they have appreciated the movie. The producer Baburaja was saying that already worked with the pair of films Arasu and Chatrapathi even speaks out more the film sure entertains the audience by a different concept and lots of waggery portions hatched. After a long day that the viewers will see a family oriented flick, Thirupathisamy is a character of this film and he projected on the screen as our neighbourhood normal father would be resembles while watching out the movie.

The eccentric has the habit of helping his neighbours, this character fixes up with a beautiful nuclear family and he helps a guy who works along with him. This innocent and peculiar character who is dumped by a higher officer and getting a lot of trouble with the officer, in this circumstance Thirupathisamy’s sons how tackle the situations. The producer says that my sons were engaged in the film for that sake he never overlapped. The story strengthens towards the film and Baburaja sons are just supporting and he concluded the film releases soon on the theatres.


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