Rocky The Revenge Movie Review

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A combatant Rocky maestro’s death, avenge the slayers. 

Synopsis: The Bollywood director K. C. Bokadia had been given a number of scripts in the Hindi cinemas. In that list,  K. C. Bokadia concentrated on animal based scripts, such as Teri Meherbaniya, Main Tera Dushman, shows his efforts on such contents to projects on screen. After years later, K. C. Bokadia stepped in the Kollywood industry, in his direction the film  “Rocky: The Revenge” shows his lineaments that he hasn’t a debut director in the movie of “Rocky: The Revenge”. 

In the film Rocky: The Revenge, there was a couple leading role has been split in prefix and affix intermission. In the first half, a cop eccentric Santhosh (Srikanth), acted in a critical role and in the second half, two German Shepherd dogs took on an important role. As in the Tamil films have been observed, an affectionate relationship, one who had killed by a culprit and after they have grown up buds revenge them, slight change in this film “Rocky: The Revenge”, a pet animal revenge the culprits.

Story: Inside a royal bungalow, a couple of puppies were kidnapped, they have been snatched in a van and one of puppy missing out from the van. The missed puppy was getting injured and Santhosh protects the puppy and was getting shelter under an ACP Santhosh, the cop’s wife Rathika (Eshanya Maheshwari), both were affectionate on Rocky. The Rocky’s master sending him in a police department to bring him as a trained dog and made him proud. 

In this scenario, ACP gets an information that an MLA and his protagonist who had been hiding the weapons, the cops target the criminals. Unfortunately, in front of Rocky the cop Santhosh was murdered in a raging way. Now, how the Rocky revenges the culprits, which was given in the style of Kollywood debut director K. C. Bokadia. 

The actor Srikanth visualized on screen year later and he had been concentrated only in the first half. “Annai Oru Aalayam”, “Durga” and few other films focused on animals to take part in the script. This film’s title also owned by an animal. Only the Tamil actors lip-synched have been matches others artists mismatches on the each sequence.

Verdict: shown the gratitude of an animal.

Rating: 2 / 5



Eshanya Maheshwari


Sayaji Shinde


Karate Raja


Directed by * K. C. Bokadia

Music by * Bappi Lahiri

Cinematography * Azmal Khan

PRO * Diamond Babu.

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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