Romba Nallavan Da Nee review

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Artists:                     Character’s name

Mirchi Senthil     – Baskar
Shruthi Bala       – Maha
Sarvajith            – Mottai
A.Venkatesh      – Reddy
Rekha                – Commissioner
Imman Annachi   –  inspector
Lollu Sabha Swaminathan – Heroine’s father
Director                            – A. Venkatesh

Romba Nallaanda Nee
Romba Nallaanda Nee

Opening to the Innocent hero (Mirchi Senthil) decided to attempt suicide, Baskar destination is the lonely place for his misery life. In to facilitate area Baskar is facing tragedy, Mottai character (Sarvajith) involving in this story. Baskar started to share his depression to the Mottai, how alcohol makes Baskar’s life in move violently. Hero is making a witty agreement with the Mottai, in his unconscious status. Baskar is keeping funny check whoever disappointed in his life and he appointing Mottai for his revenge. But hero come to know so as to Mottai is professional killer.

The sequence moves inch by inch audience to get in trilled. Rekha (Commissioner) in progress to investigate all the murders done by Mottai or Baskar. In certain case, polices and doctor analysis hero’s statement ends with fake and that there is no such Mottai character, Baskar affected with psychological issue. Finally, doctors are concluded with “DID’ (DISSOCIATIVE IDENTITY DISORDER). The movie moves in such a way, Baskar has Dissociative Identity Disorder to penalize who gave wretchedness to him or Mottai Killed all the crook. Watch out the movie on your favorite theatre.

“Romba Nallavanda Nee” team has given chance to small screen artists, Mirchi Senthil and Sarvajith performances delivered their paramount. Robo Sankar’s comedy extra flavor to the movie. Heroine Shruthi Bala (Maha) showed her prettiness in the penetrate sequence where she appears.

Verdict: The movie pull out toward trilling, alcohol makes life in woe.


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