Romeo Juliet Movie Review

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Love blowup * in a different facet, to the extent of trendy among present youngster

A contrary opinion of the couple is attracted by each other and with some stretch, both had their different lifestyle, but the hero has tried to cope up and make satisfaction to fulfill heroine comfort needs. But the hero was becoming has effortless guy and couldn’t convince her. The movie shows that the Aishu is starting to leave the money or showing romance with “Jayam” Ravi. The title Romeo Juliet is bountiful love between the two people, here in this trendy Romeo Juliet is poles apart.

With the combination of Jayam Ravi and Hansika Motwani acted in “Engeyum Kadhal” directed by Prabhu Deva, both are again joining in this movie “Romeo Juliet”. In the commencement of the movie, shows the black and white period of love and till update films utter love in different slant harmony to the moderns. Hansika’s expectation is to be lead as a sophisticated life, as she was living alone with her friends and working as an Air hostess. Jayam Ravi is a middle class life gym coacher; in his gym most popular celebrities will be working out and he was portrait has a royal person in front of Aishu.
Haniska is planning to get attracted to propose by Karthick, she has mischief plans, but all get dropped. Hero (Karthick) was a magnet for her innocent behavior in the temple. At a point, Aishu been realized that Karthick is a gym coacher not in an elegant life and leading a middle class life. With this explanation Haniska break up with each other.

With all of the emotions and splash of comedy scenes Karthick couldn’t forget Aishu, and VTV Ganesh is supporting for his love. At one stage with his annoyance, Haniska taking him for long drive and making empty of his pocket to realize that he never fit in for her lavishness life. Jaya Ravi explains about his love, but Aishu strong in her point, that money makes life.

After few months later, Haniska is getting engaged with Vamsi Krishna (Arjun), he is an affluent guy that he can fulfill her dream life. Here is the twist for Haniska, Arjun is applying a systematic schedule in her daily routine life. But in a certain, Karthick has to get away from her. Haniska started to match with Nisha. Watch out the movie practical love story. Haniska realized her love or go back with Arjun to lead a rich life.

Verdict: The Tamil Romeo Juliet is a practical and a realistic of trendy and not to expect to romance over stuffed related to the title.

Starring: Jayam Ravi * Karthi * Karthick (Romeo)
Hansika Motwani * Aiswarya (Aishu) * Subbulakshmi (Juliet)
Vamsi Krishna * Arjun
Poonam Bajwa * Nisha
VTV Ganesh * Ganesh
Uma Padmanabhan * Uma (Karthick’s mother)
Shankar Narayanan * Shankar
Shreya * Meena
Madhumitha * Madhu
Arya (Special appearance)

Directed by * Lakshman
Produced by * S. Nanthagopal
Written by * Lakshman
Music by * D. Imman
Cinematography * S. Soundar Rajan
Edited by * Anthony
Production company * Madras enterprises
Distributed by * Sun Pictures
Minutes * 150


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