Rubaai Movie Review

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Genre: Action * picture engaged  the audience by the state of being rattled in the sequels. 

Synopsis: Money is the baseline and that would have fixed as the title, money plays a vital role for every wickedness happens in the society, all the eccentrics eager to run after the money and will that money sustained everlasting in a human’s life that’s what the film keeps questioning, the movie was directed by M. Anbazhagan, the production of the film is Prabhu Solomon.

Story: The film opens with the two lorry driver friends runs away from Theni and moves towards Chennai, they were afraid of a loan, who is a  man uncivil in behaviour and they try to earn quickly to settle the loan amount.


The guys unloading at Koyambedu on a trip, both plan to make some extra amount and agree to shift the house of Kungumarajan (Chinni Jayanth), but the guys are not aware that Kungumarajan not intention in giving the money to the concern people at the proper time, all of the sudden Bharani getting affair with Kungumarajan’s daughter Ponni (Kayal Anandhi), the house broker disappeared with broker amount and the boys were stuck with the loaded things.

At the parallel, Mani Sharma (Harish Uttaman) robs in a bank, once the robber crosses the check post, due to secure of  the looted money Mani Sharma keeps the bag in the lorry, now the money needed gang observes that the money was mixed up among the thing, while seeing the money Kungumarajan getting a heart attack, for the treatment of heart attack no other way they were started to spend the money and even buy things for their necessary needs.

Now the robbery man Mani Sharma, who never miss his one rupee for any cost and he chased them in their place, at the end psychotic person will get all the money from guys or he gives up the amount which was spent with them!!!

Verdict: Drama





Harish Uthaman

M. S. Bhaskar

Chinni Jayanth

G. Marimuthu

R. Kishore

Directed by * M. Anbazhagan

Produced by * Prabhu Solomon

Music * D. Imman

Cinematography * V. Elayaraja

Edited * Nirmal

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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