Rudramadevi Movie Review

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rudhramadeviGenre: Diachronic * evidence had been envisioned to the audience, in the lengthy script.

The comedy * portions is being not found special track, the serious character of the film has sprinkled in some arenas.

Outline: A historically oriented a female princess Rudramadevi ruled over the Deccan plateau in the place óf Orugalla, it has been changed now as Warangal (Telangana) period of 1259 – 1289 AD, in a Kakatiya dynasty Ganapati Deva Imperial had been given birth to a girl baby. But Rudramadevi was announced as a Rudramadevan and equipped as a powerful warrior. The movie explains, the braveness of a lady and sustenances awareness of historical depicted.

Story: In the majuscule budget, in the direction of Gunasekhar the existed characters had been portrayed in the frame of movie Rudramadevi is a Telugu feature film and it was dubbed in Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi. An emperor Ganapati Deva rules the Kakatiya dynasty, but he was worried about his kingdom and for the people to protect after his lifetime. After a long period, the queen given to parentage a female baby. With the advise of Shiva Devaiah the King declare the girl baby as Rudramadevan. On a stage, Rudramadevan identifying his original nature, by observing the physical changes. The Minister Shiva Devaiah explicates the cause of originality. From the Devagiri Dynasty of enemies and other dodgy people among the family, Rudramadevi lives in the name of Rudramadevan. But the foes were identified the secrets of Kakatiya dynasty and the Rudramadevi’s Orphic. Watch out the movie in the theatre to know who is the backbone of Rudramadevi to protect the dynasty.

With the crystal clear Anushka as done her gorgeous looks in female character and proven as a brave guy in the appearances of Rudramadevan. The music director Illayaraja melody songs are hunky-dory effects. A popular actor Vijaya Kumar was portrayed hopeless. Gona Ganna Reddy and Veerabhadra portions are perfect. A lengthy script, but need stuff with the all characters and content.

Verdict: Realistic with commercial.


Directed by Gunasekhar

Produced by Gunasekhar Raagini

Written * Gunasekhar

Screenplay * Gunasekhar

Story by Gunasekhar

Music * Illayaraja

Cinematography * Ajayan Vincent

Edited * A. Sreekar Prasad

Production company * Gunaa Team Works

Running time 158 Minutes


Anushka Shetty * Rudrama Devi

Allu Arjun * Gona Ganna Reddy

Rana Daggubati * Chalukya Veerabhadra

Vikramjeet Virk * Mahadeva Nayakudu

Prakash Raj * Shiva Devaiah

Krishnam Raju * Ganapati Devudu

Suman * Hari Hara Devudu

Adithya Menon * Murari Devudu

Nithya Menen * Muktamba

Aditi Chengappa * Ganalamba
Catherine Tresa * Annambika

Hamsa Nandini * Madanika

Ajay * Prasadaditya

Baba Sehgal * Naga Devudu

Raza Murad * Singanna


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