Rum Movie Review

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rumGenre: The horror * based flick, the title implies of alcohol, the viewers certainly queer about both the title and the script.

Synopsis: Initially, a thrill makes us to pull at the edge of the seat, a gang of guys involving in the burglarise activity, for this group a fun making artist Vivek is leading how to sketch and rest of the buddies were followers of him, after few scenes get over the tickle converts into horrendous. The director Sai Bharath tried out the horror content in a different angle.

Story: In the hyperbole, a discussion was going into a conference room, about the spirits existing and the methods of controlling them. Next to these scenes, a technically furnished gang in the different domain is targeting of the money for their sustenance. The high-risk cop Thomas, who is planning to loot for the worth it 25 crores of precious stones and he threatens Shiva (Hrishikesh), Riya (Sanchita), Raj (Vivek), Nepali (Amzath) And Kural (Arjun). In a circumstance, Shiva in the guessing, that Thomson as a police would plan something and plays a double game, by this consciousness the people moving in the forest bungalow, for temporarily hiding themselves from the eyes of Thomas. The guys experience the direful situations, they feel that the night stretches long hours, even concluded that they struck in a derelict bungalow and in their gang Nepali was killed by a spirit, at the final Thomas was dragged to the bungalow and he was killed by the spirits. Check out the film, why the spirits aim only the Nepali and the policeman.

The BGM is the strengthen to the film, Vivek’s as usual double meaning jokes are overlapping in every sequel. The flashback of murdered by the cop was explained in a song sequence is quite simple and understandable.

Verdict: Ups and downs are compromised by the script.


Hrishikesh * Shiva

Narain * Thomas

Sanchita Shetty

Miya George

Vivek * raj

Amzath Khan * Nepali

Arjun Chidambaram


Directed * Sai Bharath

Produced * T. Vijayaraghavendra

Music * Anirudh Ravichander

Cinematography * Vignesh Vasu

Edited * Sathyaraj Natarajan

Production company * All In Pictures

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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