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SA Chandrasekaran has predominantly been the heart and soul of Tamil cinema beautifying the ‘Golden Age’ of churning out mind-boggling blockbuster movies ‘Sattam Oru Iruttarai’, ‘Needhikku Thandanai’, ‘Naan Sigappu Manithan’ and many films based on revolutionary thinking. Now it’s time to get his vital vigorousness towards social awareness escalated to the next level.

Yes, the versatile filmmaker-actor will be playing the lead role in the biopic of ‘Traffic Ramasamy’, the man who has been raising his voice and standing for justice against several odd and social evils in from his age of 10.

Much exhilarated over this prestigious project, SA Chandrasekaran says, “Traffic Ramasamy has been the rarest genuine personality, who has fought and stood upright for the well being of society and people filing more 1000 public litigations. He has obtained righteous judgments for the people from the Law and Order for which he had to succumb towards painful miseries and deplorable situations that includes murder attempts propelled by the politicians and bigwigs affected by his lawful deeds. But nothing hampered his insatiable dedication towards well being of society. This inherent nature of unceasingly fighting for justice inspired me a lot.”

Shedding more lights upon the project, SA Chandrasekaran adds that the film will be helmed by his long time assistant director Vijay Vikram, who is illustrious for critically acclaimed short films. It even includes a comedy short feature titled ‘Mark’, which featured SAC in lead role.

Sharing the moment of cloud nine, director Vijay Vikram utters, “Since, the film is based on the life of an existing revolutionary who has and is still fighting against the social adversities, it will involve the situations and twists placed with realistic approach. The film will definitely have a strong impact in society with its release.”


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