Saagasam Movie Review

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sahasamAction * content film, which also extremes the excitement of the levels in every sequence.

Comedy * not that much palpates, makes purposeless to the viewers’.

Outline: The Telugu film of “Julai” was acted by Allu Arjun and Ileana D’Cruz is being a tremendous hit, given by the entire team. The movie is a remake of “Saagasam” performed by the energetic hero Prashanth, the synopsis of the story is the guy (Prashanth) Who wants to make money quickly in a short span of time, this attitude pulls him to face many consequences in his life.

Story: The title of “Saagasam” denotes the adventure and it was missing in the scene, visual of adventure makes the merriment experience for the audience. The hero youngster Prashanth targets for the money to lead a happy life with his family member, but the situation gets upside down and a clash was getting at with the robbery people, this made to revenge, with all his tricky plans are matched with criminals, the hero Prasanth was safeguarding the money and his family people.

More songs were stuffed made drowsy experience and only thing to attract the viewers by songs, even an excess of comical adventure sequence, the hero rashes the car over a tall building to key out the criminal, cinematic is to overlap, logic couldn’t appear. The film was gorged with romantic to vanish the somnolence. The remake of “Saagasam” is even dubious, in some areas the background of words is hidden, and dialogues non sink in some portions.

Verdict: “Saagasam” is an unexpected coherent and entertainment movie.


Prashanth * Ravi
Amanda Rosario * Madhu
Sonu Sood * Bittu Abeetha Abi Saravanan
Thambi Ramaiah
Devadarshini Kota Srinivasa Rao Hema
Leema Babu
M. S. Bhaskar
John Vijay
Robo Shankar
Vamsi Krishna Rao
Ramesh Brahmaji
Sai Prashanth
Raj Kapoor
Madhan Bob
Fakhri * special appearance


Directed * Arun Raj VarmaProduced byThiagarajan (Presenter)
Shanthi Thiagarajan
Written * Thiagarajan
Story * Trivikram SrinivasBased onJulai
By Trivikram Srinivas
music * S. Thaman
Cinematography * Shaji Kumar
Edited * Zashi Qmer
Production company * Staar Movies
Distributed * Sri Thenandal Films


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