Saamy 2 Movie Review

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Genre: Action * overdoses, testing our patience with the same title and dust up the first version and the dust flies and gives sneezing effects for the audience.

Synopsis: The old version was watchable at least one time, with the mixture of rowdyism and heroism. The story tracks in the middle about the eccentric of Aarusaamy and Ramsaamy and there is a connection between them.

The directed Hari applying the same formula in his upcoming movie. Over, 15 years later, version 2 advanced only in the visualization, the film “Saamy” targeted in Tirunelveli district. The version 2 starts in the place of Sri Lanka, confused the audience in the place of Delhi, content struggles in the Tirunelveli and compromised the audience in the Rajasthan.

The baseline hits 2003 that an inspector Aarusaamy knock out in the place of Tirunelveli. After the death of Aarusaamy in the Tirunelveli, the spirit takes charge to revenge former enemies and Aarusaamy’s son Ram Saamy becomes as an IPS even rejects the position of IAS.

Story: Perumal Pichai who keeps Tirunelveli district in his control and after his death, Saamy 2 starts up and there was an assumption among the public about Perumal Pichai that he has been scared of Aarusaamy and disappeared.

Ravana Pichai Bobby Simha and his relations move from Sri Lanka to India for tracing the truth about Perumal Pichai’s vanishes.

Suddenly, the sequel moves to 28 years before, a flashback kicks off and in the place of Tirunelveli and the people who struggle for basic life under the control of Perumal Pichai’s family.

Now Ram Saamy takes an Avatar to protect the people and what is happening to Perumal Pichai’s family member and sequences is rushed with Hari’s style.

Vikram’s performances balanced with the previous movie, an upcoming actress in that case Keerthy Suresh has been used. The rest of the artists are just for namesake.

Verdict: Tedious – need forbearance.

Rating: 2.7 / 5


Vikram * DCP Aarusaamy “Saamy” and Ramsaamy “Ram” IPS

Aishwarya Rajesh * Bhuvana

Prabhu * G. Viswanathan

Bobby Simha * Raavana Pichai

Keerthy Suresh * Diya

John Vijay * Devendra Pichai

O. A. K. Sundar * Mahendra Pichai

Soori * Sakthi

Imman Annachi * Thangavelu

Ramesh Khanna * Paramasivam

Delhi Ganesh


Uma Riyaz Khan

Aishwarya * Shanthi


Directed by * Hari

Produced by * Shibu Thameens

Written by * Hari

Cinematography * Priyan
Venkatesh Anguraj

Edited by * V. T. Vijayan – T. S. Jay

Production Company * Thameens Films

PRO * Pro Yuvraaj

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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