Sagaa Movie Review

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As with all connected with action taken in recurrence for an injury to an offensive, which converts into an avenge by portraiture with firm friendship.

Synopsis: The flick is focused on five young buds, which Sathya, Kadhir, Ganga, Jockey and Shiva all were adolescent and by their mishandling forced them to send in a prison, toward the place, their behaviour leads to an extreme stratum. The actor Prithvi Pandiarajan chosen for a crude eccentric, hope to upthrust.

The action portions are influenced throughout the film. As couldn’t observed romantic sequels somehow amorous songs poised the pair, “Sagaa” is directed by Murugesh that he had moved around with the young guys how they were thwarted by the surrounding people.

Story: A couple of guys who has lost both parents were getting jailed, in the arduous circumstances, the guys faced with detrimental atmosphere and friendship become loyal, in the jail the set of guys getting clashes with each other, Sathaya gang and Ganga group always go for the dispute. At a point Ganga was killing Sathya’s true friend in a quarrel. In the prison Ganga was safeguarded by the guy Jockey in many situations.

Now, Sathya wanted to escape from the jail to revenge on Ganga for murdering his close friend and another guy who stays with Sathya plan to move along with him, to protect his lover from an awry person, their plan was noticed by Jockey and all the three guys decided to escape from the jail. The fellow Jockey always takes care of Ganga, why the reason turns back to kill him, had a flashback that was protruding in the opening scene.

The story running in a sluggish manner in the second half there was a twisting made some mix-up, but anyhow the opening links in the climax. The guys in the each frame worked for the best level, the heroine eccentric comes only for the songs.

The director concentrated to project the value of friendship even, brother sister relationship and between a lovers relationship all were short-term processing. Unfortunately, action and revenge were in full fledged bursting out, the cinematography of And Niran Chander is being lifted out well.

Verdict: Energy less drama.

Rating: 2 / 5




Sree Raam




Ravi Venkatraman


Directed by * Murugesh

Produced by * R. Selvakumar Ramprasath

Written by * Murugesh

Music by * Shabir

Cinematography * Niran Chander

Edited by * Hariharan

Production Company * Selly Cinemas

PRO * Nikkil

by Deepa Vijendra Rao


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